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Surely everyone has seen the large mango variety. The flesh of the fruit is yellow, sweet, and crispy when eaten, but not completely soft. That is the famous Tu Quy mango variety. What is Tu Quy Mango? Are Tu Quy mangoes sour? Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet? Is Tu Quy mango sweet is the most concerned question when it comes to this mango variety. Let's find out with Roots right through the article below!

What is Tu Quy Mango? Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet?

Tu Quy mango is a type of mango originating from Tan stream - Cam Lam - Khanh Hoa. Mangoes are light green when unripe. When ripe, the mango has a bright yellow color and a very characteristic aroma.

One thing that makes Tu Quy mango different from other mangoes is that the flesh of the mango is low in fiber and quite a bit of powder. Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet? The best mango is eaten when it is not ripe, it will have a very delicious sweet and crispy taste.

What is Tu Quy Mango? The appearance of the mango impresses with a weight of 1.5-2kg. Mangoes are the largest of all mangoes available today. The skin is thin, the seeds are small and the size is large, so the flesh of the fruit is very large. This is also the reason why Tu Quy mango is loved by many people.

Tu Quy mango is a type of mango originating from Tan stream - Cam Lam - Khanh Hoa.


Nutritional value of Tu Quy mango

Similar to the use of fruit vitamins. Tu Quy mango contains a lot of fiber, along with an extremely abundant amount of vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, K and iron, copper, calcium ....

Besides, it must be mentioned that the content of natural antioxidants in mangoes is very high. This gives Tu Quy mango the ability to increase resistance. When eaten regularly will help fight prostate diseases, asthma, colorectal cancer.


Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet? Tu Quy Mango helps strengthen bones

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of osteoporosis. According to an experiment in rats fed 1 of 6 high-fat diets. The results of the study showed that the rats that were given the addition of dried mango to the diet showed results bone density measurement of the whole body, the spine and tibia are higher.

When comparing rats fed 1% mango and rats fed 10%; the mice fed 1% mango had better bone strengthening results. This suggests that eating more mangoes does not result in better bone-strengthening results. Need to eat with a reasonable dose because mango is a fruit containing a lot of sugar; Eating too much is not good for bones.

Are four quarters of mango sour?
Tu Quy mango contains many vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body.

Are Tu Quy mangoes sour? Tu Quy mango is good for people with diabetes

An Australian study has confirmed that mango has the ability to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. This study has shown that components in mango have similar effects to some diabetes and cholesterol medications. Adding 1 mango per day can lower cholesterol, fight diabetes.

Tu Quy mango has the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease

Tu Quy mango is good for the heart because it contains many polyphenols and bioactive compounds that have the ability to fight oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective agents.

Prevention of macular degeneration of the eyes

In Tu Quy mango has the antioxidant zeaxanthin. This substance has the effect of filtering blue light that is harmful to the eyes. As a result, eating mango will help protect eye health; due to the ability of zeaxanthin to prevent macular degeneration.

Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet? Four Quarter Mangoes prevent cancer

Beta-carotene found in mango plays an important role in fighting prostate cancer. In one study, when food scientists extracted polyphenols from mangoes on colon, breast, lung, leukemia, and prostate cancer tissues. The results show that mango has an effect on the types of cancer that have been tested; but most effective against breast and colon cancer.

Mangoes help improve digestion

Besides the question of whether Tu Quy mango is sour or sweet, readers also need to pay attention to the use of mangoes. One of them is the effect of improving the digestive system. In the composition of mango fruit, amylase is one of the digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes break down large food molecules for easy absorption by the body. Amylase activity in ripe mangoes converts complex carbs into glucose and maltose. This is also the reason that when asked if Tu Quy mango is sour? Is Tu Quy mango sweet? Then the answer is that ripe mangoes will be much sweeter than unripe mangoes.

Besides, mango contains a lot of water and fiber; so when eating mango regularly has the effect of reducing the symptoms of constipation; compared with dietary supplements containing small amounts of fiber.

Not only delicious, Tu Quy mangoes have the effect of preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Helps to beautify skin and good for hair

Tu Quy mango is also good for your hair because it contains many vitamins, including vitamin A. This vitamin provides the hair with necessary nutrition; which in turn produces sebum to help keep the hair moist.

The vitamins in 165g mango should be used every day; to promote the production of collagen, nourish the structure of the skin and hair.

Is Tu Quy Mango Sour or Sweet? How to preserve Tu Quy mango?

Tu Quy mango is a sweet mango variety since the mango fruit is not yet ripe. Are Tu Quy mangoes sour? Tu Quy mango is sweet no longer depends on how to store it after buying it.

When buying Tu Quy mangoes, they need to be washed under the faucet to clean the dirt on the outside of the mango skin. Mix a pot of salted water and soak the mango for 5 minutes. This step is to remove the bacteria on the outside of the mango skin; These bacteria are the main cause of mango spoilage.

Wipe the mango with a soft cloth before storing it in the refrigerator to preserve it longer. Take care not to let the temperature get too low because the mango can be damaged due to the temperature difference when taken out.

preserve mango
Before storing in the refrigerator, it is necessary to wash the mangoes and soak them in brine.



Hoa Loc mango and Tu Quy mango are two specialty mango varieties famous for their delicious and attractive taste. You can buy it to give to family and friends when you have the opportunity to travel. In the city. Ho Chi Minh City, you can buy it at Roots. Not only diversifying products, Roots cares about consumers' health when choosing to distribute organic products, products of clear origin, without using chemicals in the farming process. Coming to Roots, you can be assured of the quality of our products.

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