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The yellow, ripe and fragrant mangoes are very suitable for you to process them into unique delicacies such as making cakes and drinks. In today's post, let's join Roots in the kitchen with the column: "What to do with ripe mangoes"!

Ripe mango makes something delicious, do you know?
Ripe mango makes something delicious, do you know?

What do ripe mangoes do?

Mango blended

The first answer to the question "What do ripe mangoes do?" refers to mango smoothies. Mango smoothie is always the number one choice, especially on hot days. The aroma and sweetness of mango combined with a bit of milk fat and ice will help dispel the instant heat; You will immediately feel the pleasant coolness spread in your mouth.

Mango ice cream

To create a cool ice cream, there are many options, among which mango is one of the most popular ingredients. The fragrant fatty mango ice cream will surely make both adults and children fall in love. Mango ice cream has a sweet and sour taste mixed with a beautiful yellow color, bringing an irresistible taste, eating it all the time without ever getting bored.

Delicious cool mango ice cream
Delicious cool mango ice cream

Mango tea

If you don't know what to do with ripe mangoes, mango tea is the perfect choice for sweet lovers. Mango tea is a combination of the quartet "matching" greasy coconut milk, crispy copra, chewy pearls and especially soft, sweet and sour mango meat. Don't forget to add a little ice, the coolness and sweetness of mango tea will make you feel happier and more delicious!

Mango crepes

If you are bored with traditional cakes, try to change your taste with mango crepe, no one can resist the delicious taste of this cake. With a thin layer of crepe wrapped around the outside, then a layer of fresh cream and finally slices of sweet and sour mango. Just bite into a mouthful of cream filling; mixed with fresh mango is enough to surprise you; for its incredible harmony.

Mango bingsu

What does a ripe mango make – Mango Bingsu is true love. No need to go to Korea far away, you can still try simple mango bingsu that is easy to make at home. Cool, sweet mango bingsu with layers of mango sauce, curd; each piece of mango cut square alternately to form a tower bingsu beautiful and very tasty. Eat a spoon of bingsu, you will immediately feel the curd melt in your mouth; Soft soft mango has a sweet and sour taste and is worth enjoying.

Mango bingsu is one of the delicious dishes from ripe mango that you should try
Mango bingsu is one of the delicious dishes from ripe mango that you should try

Mango sticky rice

Sticky rice is cooked soft and fragrant with pandan leaves; Decorate with pieces of mango on top and drizzle with smooth coconut milk; There is really nothing that can compare. On meeting days, the dessert mango sticky rice will definitely make the family meal more delicious and warm.

Mango tiramisu cake

Another great suggestion for delicious dishes made from ripe mangoes. Tiramisu mango is the perfect combination of ingredients, very easy to eat and extremely attractive. You can feel the fat of whipping cream; mixed with the mild sour taste of mango and the sweet taste from the cake; all make up a delicious tiramisu cake.

Mango salad

Just as easy to make but equally nutritious, the next answer to the question of what delicious ripe mangoes are called mango salad. Depending on your taste, you can add ingredients to your salad such as cucumber, bell pepper, passion fruit, and of course, mango flavor. Combined together to create a nutritious salad for the whole family to enjoy.

Mango salad from ripe mango, have you tried it?
Mango salad from ripe mango, have you tried it?

Mango Mousse

The mango mousse is greasy, soft and fragrant with mango flavor; It is a delicacy not to be missed. The base of the cake is a layer of light and buttery sweet biscuits. Roll a piece of cake, you will feel the taste of the cookie blended with the mango cream like melting in your mouth; It will definitely make you want to eat more.

Yogurt pickled mango

When the weather is hot and uncomfortable, but the house has ripe mangoes, what delicious and fast food to make. Think of mango pickles. A cup of mango pickled with yogurt will immediately solve the heat. Light sour and fatty taste from yogurt; mixed with chewy pieces of mango; It will make you feel much more comfortable!

Conclusion on the question "What makes ripe mangoes delicious"

Delicious and nutritious, the 10 suggestions above have definitely helped you get super cool suggestions if you don't know what to do with ripe mangoes, right?! In addition, if you are looking for a store that sells Hoa Loc mango then visit now organic food store Roots to choose for yourself the types fruit, fresh food, best quality! Guaranteed price of sand mango Affordable and quality mango from Roots will make you satisfied.


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