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If you are a "gourmet" believer, surely you will not be able to ignore the famous ecstatic snack, mango dipped in chili salt. With extremely simple ingredients but brings irresistible delicious flavors; Mango dipped with chili salt will surely knock many people right from the first pieces of mango. However, whether the dish is really delicious or not depends on the salt factor. So how delicious is the salt? Let's discover together with ROOTS how to make extremely delicious mango chili sauce that not everyone knows!

Mango with chili salt
Whether the mango dish with chili salt is delicious or not depends on the delicious taste of the salt.

How delicious is a mango dipped with chili salt?

As mentioned above, whether mango with chili salt is really delicious or not, the salt factor probably accounts for 70%. However, it cannot be denied that mango is also a very important ingredient; affect the success of the dish. 

But, it can be seen that mango is sour and sweet, delicious or not, depending on the taste of each person. Some people will feel that the more sour the mango, the more delicious it is; and there will also be people who say that sweet mango is really what they need. However, all will be for nothing if salt and pepper Your mango dot is not perfect. 

Regardless of whether you are a sour food connoisseur but accidentally eat a sweet mango; or you are a sweet person but ate a piece of sour mango; with just chili salt and mango, all will be saved perfectly. The saltiness of salt mixed with the spicy taste of chili, when put in the mouth, all seems to settle; and stimulate the residual aftertaste on the tip of the tongue. The salty and spicy taste when entering the oral cavity seems to take over spotlight. A place where you can no longer feel whether the mango is sweet or sour. And it seems, the piece of mango now suddenly gives way; and become an accompaniment to salt and pepper with mango sauce. 

Thereby, it can be seen that mango dipped in chili salt really stimulates people to eat or not; It all depends entirely on how we make the salt, whether it's delicious or not.

How to make salt and pepper with mango dipping sauce that not everyone knows

Ingredients to prepare to make chili salt

  • 5 red peppers (The number of chili peppers can be flexible depending on whether you can eat spicy or not), the size of an index finger.
  • 100 grams of fine salt
  • Pan or microwave
  • Blender or mortar
  • Salt jar after roasting
How to make chili salt with mango dipping delicious food
The way to make chili sauce is so delicious that everyone has to swoon.

How to make delicious salt and pepper with mango dipping 

  • Wash the chili and then mince both the chili and the garlic. Note: at this step you should use gloves or a mirror to avoid splashing peppers in your eyes, which can sting your eyes; and to keep the food clean. 
  • Mix the mixture with salt then stir well; Let the ingredients mix together. 
  • Next, put the mixture in the microwave or air fryer for 30 seconds; Let the salt begin to dry again. 
  • Continue to add the mixture to the blender to continue grinding until smooth. In this case, if you don't have a microwave, you can use a hot pan, let the pan dry and heat just right. Then for all the mixture; and stir until the salt is dry. 
  • After completing the step of pureeing salt and garlic, you should wait for the mixture to cool; and put it in the prepared glass jar and can be used immediately. 

A few points to note when making chili salt with mango sauce 

To make chili salt more delicious, you should give priority to choosing fresh, less spoiled chili to avoid chili losing their flavor. 

Garlic should be peeled thoroughly. Prevent bacteria from the soil from getting inside. 

It is recommended to use stewed salt instead of granulated salt because stewed salt will make it more convenient for you to grind chili and the spices when used will also absorb evenly and blend quickly. From there, creating a unique, delicious salt flavor that no one can resist. 

Amazing taste
Dipping salt accounts for 70% of this snack's success rate.


Mango Whether the chili salt sauce is really delicious or not depends entirely on how you make the salt. However, delicious or not delicious depends on the taste of each person. But in general, good salt will have all three main factors, which are: "Moderate spicy, salt is not too salty and garlic must be fragrant". 

Meeting these 3 factors, you will surely get the famous delicious salted mango dish without having to spend too much money to find a business to shop. 

Through the interesting information that ROOTS has just shared, we hope you will have more useful knowledge about mango with chili salt as well as how to make delicious mango dip.
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