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Cat Hoa Loc mango with attractive color, delicious taste and high nutritional value; known as one of the most famous mango varieties of Vietnam. If you want to know where the origin of Hoa Loc sand mango is, in which province and interesting information about this sand mango variety, please follow Roots to find out in today's article!

Where is Hoa Loc sand mango, do you know?
Where is Hoa Loc sand mango, do you know?

Where is the origin of Hoa Loc sand mango?

Surely the name "Hoa Loc sand mango" has been heard by everyone. But not everyone knows where the origin of Hoa Loc sand mango is. Roots reveals to you right away, in 1930, this mango variety was grown by a dozen farmers in Hoa Loc commune, Giao Duc district, Dinh Tuong province (now Hoa hamlet, Hoa Hung commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province). ; and took the name associated with the place at that time as "Hoa Loc sand mango".

What does Hoa Loc sand mango look like and taste like?

Hoa Loc sand mango has something special, no matter where it is; When it comes to sand mango, people think of this land first. First of all Hoa Loc sand mango characteristics outside. This fruit has a beautiful appearance. The fruit has an elongated shape, a rounded gourd near the stem; slightly pointed top; thin shell covered with white chalky outer layer. When ripe, the skin is bright yellow. The mango seeds are flat, fibrous, the flesh is smooth and very firm, the taste is very sweet and has a characteristic mild aroma.

Hoa Loc sand mango has a beautiful shape
Hoa Loc sand mango has a beautiful shape

Nutritional value that Hoa Loc mango brings

Just looking at the shape is not enough, because it's not natural that people love it everywhere Hoa Loc sand mango variety this. This mango variety has both a "look" and a "taste". In terms of nutrition, Hoa Loc mango belongs to the top 5 groups of fruits containing many good substances for health. Mango contains ingredients such as calories, cholesterol, carbohydrates, lipids, sodium, potassium, etc. And yet, it is impossible not to mention the content. fiber, B vitamins, protein, sugar, calcium, iron, ... provide a lot of nutritional value for people to eat.

Regularly eating ripe mangoes can prevent many different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. Especially good for people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, anemia or even pregnant women. Mangoes also help improve memory, keep the brain working smoothly.

This fruit helps to provide a variety of nutritional values
This fruit helps to provide a variety of nutritional values

How to keep Hoa Loc mango fresh for a long time?

Buy Hoa Loc sand mango to eat or bring back as a gift for relatives and friends somewhere, the most important thing is that you must know how to preserve it. Because most people eat Hoa Loc mangoes like to eat ripe, then the mango taste reaches the "peak" of sweetness and deliciousness. But if it is ripe without proper storage, the mango is very perishable. To avoid this situation, a simple trick that you can apply is to carefully wrap each mango with newspaper. Then store it in the refrigerator. Do not put mangoes in a plastic bag because the bag will retain moisture, so it will spoil the mango quickly. With this method, you can save food slowly within 15-20 days!

How to choose sand mango from Hoa Loc?

After finding out where the origin of Hoa Loc mango is; Surely there will be many people wondering how much Hoa Loc sand mango costs; How to choose the freshest mangoes. Do not be in a hurry, continue to see the following information of Roots!

The following things should be noted to choose the freshest mangoes
The following things should be noted to choose the freshest mangoes

– Choose Hoa Loc sand mangoes to hold firmly in your hand, not concave or soft. A delicious mango is a fresh mango, smelling the aroma at the stem of the fruit.

- The flesh around the stem is still hard, around the stem there are tiny black spots.

Choose medium fruit, weighing 450-600g. Do not choose fruits that are too small, because they may not be ripe enough to eat.

- Ripe fruit is bright yellow with a glossy peel, with a thin layer of chalk.

Cat Hoa Loc mangoes have an average selling price ranging from: 100,000 VND - 150,000 VND/kg

Where to buy Hoa Loc sand mango?

Currently, in the fruit market, you don't have to go far to buy genuine sand mangoes of origin in Hoa Loc, but anywhere, no matter in any province, it is still easy to find them at Supermarkets, fruit shops, clean food. But note that you should learn carefully because many sellers for profit sell standard mangoes, clean mangoes, but the quality is not as advertised.

In HCMC, if you don't know where to buy Hoa Loc mangoes, you can visit Roots store. Or you can immediately call our hotline: for advice and quick order.


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