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Cultured fruit, a food containing a lot of fiber, nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body. For humans, fruit is the best and safest source of nutrients. Thanks to the nutrient content that we absorb from fruit; people can be healthy both mentally and physically; help reduce the risk of the most dangerous diseases. Because of that, many fruit shops were born to serve as a large shopping demand in the market. So where is the safe place to supply, especially in the area of District 4. Let's take a look at the top 4 most prestigious and quality imported fruit shops in District 4 with ROOTS!

Imported fruit in District 4
Top 4 reputable and clean imported fruit shops in District 4.

ROOTS – The most prestigious imported organic fruit shop in the market

Store overview

Working on the trust from customers, ROOTS has been constantly trying to develop; bring the best organic fruits to consumers. Going through a lot of strict inspection processes from import, quality assessment and product overview; Organic imported fruits at ROOTS are always carefully selected; absolutely no interference of preservatives or any other chemicals in the process of growing and selling products.

As a brand located in the heart of District 1; but with all that ROOTS brings to consumers; This place deserves to be the most prestigious and best quality fruit shop in District 1, District 4 and in Ho Chi Minh City. ROOTS only provides imported food and fruit organic directly to consumers; and without intermediaries. So customers when coming to ROOTS can be completely assured of quality; and day-to-day freshness of the product.

ROOTS only selects and imports the cleanest products from farm areas that are inspected by the Ministry of Health for quality, hygiene and food safety. Thanks to this, the products, fruits, and foods that come to ROOTS are always first-class foods that are trusted and chosen by many consumers.

Contact Info

F99 – The famous imported fruit shop in District 4 in Vietnam

Overview of the fruit shop in District 4

How can Vietnam's agricultural products be sold without being forced on prices, still keeping the quality intact; but the price is reasonable for the innkeeper. In order to help farmers create their own brand, F99 was born as a direct bridge to bring quality fruit products to consumers. Through trade booths; farmers and buyers can directly exchange, buy and trade items for each other; without spending a lot of money. Just create a connection between farmers and consumers; has just provided the most delicious fresh fruit products in District 4, Vietnam, ensuring the origin and top quality.

Through F99's trading platform, intermediaries fees will be significantly reduced; so that consumers can buy fruit at the cheapest price; Minimize unnecessary expenses. To increase the trading environment for farmers and diversify purchasing areas; In addition to the website, F99 has also launched a fanpage and a fruit and fruit app so that consumers can freely choose the best quality products; The best imported fruits in District 4 and in the area Ho Chi Minh City.

By controlling each quality of agricultural products on its own technology platform, F99 is also an opportunity; for farmers' products to reach out to national and international markets.

Contact Info

  • Address: No. 5 Truong Dinh Hoi, Ward 18, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0927 204 226 – 1900 98 99 68
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:
District 4 fruit
Always ensuring the safety and health of consumers are the top criteria in business.

Tony Fruits – Fresh imported fruit shop in District 4

Overview of Tony

Trusted by people and housewives in District 4 for many years, Tony Fruits Store has always been the brand that brings imported fruits with the best quality. Tony always ensures to bring customers the freshest, cleanest products; and has a clear provenance. Tony Fruits has been granted a business license; and have all kinds of papers proving the origin of imported fruits. Confidently bring the best imported fruits in District 4; so that consumers have peace of mind and complete confidence when shopping at Tony.

Tony is committed to consumers

  • Always clean and fresh: The goods that arrive at Tony's house are always strictly inspected and have a certificate of food hygiene and safety licensed by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.
  • Variety of fruits: true to the name of the best fruit in District 4, Tony always imports many quality products from countries around the world such as cherry, Rockit apple, Envy apple, American seedless black currant, grape USA, Newzealand Kiwi, American plum,…; and lots of other nutritious foods.
  • Put prestige first: Fully publicize information about the origin and origin of products.
  • Reasonable price: Tony always provides fruit with the most competitive price in the market; not only in district 4 but all over the city.

Contact information

  • Address: 169 Khanh Hoi, Ward 3, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 0989 063 503 & 0283 940 0666 & 0282 211 8088
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:

Klever Fruits – A fresh fruit supplier

Overview of district 4 fruit shops

With more than 34 chain stores across the country, Klever Fruits has long been appreciated by consumers as a famous fresh fruit shop in District 4 and across the country. Always bring products with the best quality; After more than many years of establishment, Klever Fruits has really fulfilled its mission of bringing the quintessential fruits; and the most valuable to consumers.

With the goal of “Bringing customers not only safe and high quality fruit products; accompanied by friendly utility services”; Klever Fruits - a unit specializing in importing high-class fruits has been creating absolute trust with consumers.

With a variety of fresh fruits imported from countries such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, Korea, Canada, France, Poland, Japan...; Klever Fruits is always confident to be a supplier of imported fruits with competitive prices and best quality to consumers. Klever Fruits, is always committed to bringing fruits that do not contain harmful substances, are completely benign and safe for health. Therefore, consumers can feel secure when shopping at Klever Fruits stores.

Contact Info

  • Address: 159 Khanh Hoi, Ward 3, District 4, HCMC
  • Phone: 0986 991 907 & 028 3535 5159 & 0865 233 034
  • Mail:
  • Fanpage:
  • Website:
Safe for consumers' health
Quality assurance is strictly checked in the stage of importing goods.


Hopefully, the useful information just now will help you and your family have more choices when shopping for the best and fresh imported fruits; and safest in District 4. ROOTS, specializes in providing organic food with outstanding quality, with clear origin. We are always confident to be the best organic food supplier and business establishment in Vietnam market. Contact ROOTS immediately for advice and purchase at the best price!

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