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Fruit is known to be one of the richest sources of dietary fiber; Because of its low calorie content, it is also especially beneficial for those who want to lose weight and still be full of energy, youthful, beautiful skin and figure. Understanding this, clean fruit shops were born to meet the needs of the people. Below, please refer to the imported fruits in District 1; fruit shop district 1; fresh fruit shop in district 1 city HCM.

The Roots – Imported Fruits District 1

Featured products at Roots

With a rich variety of carefully selected fruit products; typical products of Vietnam: Cat Hoa Loc mango in Roots.

Hoa Loc Sand Mango products are picked from the garden meeting Global Gap standards; According to the European export standard of Tinh Thoi Cooperative, the Cat Hoa Loc Mangoes are fresh, large, firm and fragrant; The sweet taste has been "settled" on the Roots fruit shelf. 

Hoa Loc Sand Mango products are picked from the garden meeting Global Gap standards
Cat Hoa Loc Mangoes are fresh, big, firm, fragrant; The sweet taste has been "settled" on the Roots fruit shelf

In addition to the popular and typical fruit product line, Roots also offers customers more choices from combining fruits to create cool juices; quality at Roots' Juice Bar too

Advantages when buying at Roots

With spending to bring customers the freshest and cleanest food; ROOTS is really proud and bold to share as the largest organic store in Saigon.

Imported fruit store in District 1 has been carrying on a mission to provide healthy - clean food with high quality standards at a reasonable price. 

Profit reduction criteria; bring the best price with excellent quality to customers. 

Fresh food harvested from local & international organic farms

Diverse selection of 6,000 standard, high-quality products from many famous brands such as Gerber, Diet Food, Premium Quality, Quaker, Pigeon, Neutrogena ... and always availableMay be an image of indoor

Fast home delivery with orders over 200,000 VND 

Use 100% paper bags and environmentally friendly products.

Roots reduces maximum profit in most product groups to give the opportunity to access and maintain a GREEN - HEALTHY - CLEAN lifestyle. 

Roots regularly has promotions for customers to experience and use high quality products at a reasonable price. Don't wait any longer without saving Roots right away! 

Fanpage: ROOTS – Organic Store and Juice Bar
Address: 237 – 239 – 241 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 082 333 6868

Viettropfruit – fresh fruit shop in District 1 

Viettropfruit – one of the companies specializing in the export, import and distribution of fresh fruit products with high quality standards.

Viettropfruit is proud to be an exporter of fruit with high quality standards; satisfied with the vast majority of fastidious markets such as the US, Europe, Japan, the Netherlands, Korea…. 

With the desire to bring products to and meet the quality requirements of the market. Products at Viettropfruit always ensure the quality according to the process from selecting soil, harvesting, packing, storing and caring for the fruit.

Do not stop there; Imported fruit in District 1 – Viettropfruit also wishes to target consumers' health; pioneer in providing fruit products according to VietGAP quality standards

Proudly pioneering in bringing clean fruit to consumers; Authentic Viettropfruit will be a reliable supplier for domestic and foreign consumers!

CEVIS Fruit – imported fruit store in District 1 

Everyone knows that eating fruit every day always brings great benefits to health; if it is a product that is not afraid of spraying; preservatives; or poor quality fruits with too high a price. 

CEVIS Fruit was born with the goal of providing the best source of fruit; not only the fruits imported from abroad; but also Vietnamese domestic quality fruits; committed not to import poor quality fruit in China.

Fresh fruit shop in District 1 CEVIS specializes in importing from countries; distributing fresh fruit products such as: USA, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, South Africa, Egypt...; bring to customers "good products - competitive prices"

CEVIS Fruit - imported fruit store in District 1 
CEVIS Fruits – District 1 imported fruit store was born with the goal of providing the best source of fruit from all regions.

Guaranteed products are selected from reputable gardeners; negotiate directly with suppliers; You can rest assured about the price as well as the absolute quality

Diverse imported fruit products in District 1 include: Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Kiwi, Melon, Brown Pear, Yellow Pear Melon, Yellow Orange, etc. From here you can choose freely. can be completely assured about the price; product quality when purchased at an imported fruit store in District 1 – CEVIS Fruits

Imported Fruits – Minh Phuong Fruit

Minh Phuong Fruit – a brand specializing in importing; distribution of imported fruits from countries such as Thailand, Korea, USA... 

The products here are definitely guaranteed to have a clear origin; Customers are always assured to use the right fresh fruit in each season.

Minh Phuong Fruit helps customers supply fruits imported from countries with developed organic agriculture and has the most stringent requirements on food safety and hygiene (such as imported fruits and vegetables). from: USA, Australia and New Zealand, Korea, Australia, Japan…). 

Minh Phuong Fruit - a brand specialized in importing; distribution of imported fruits from countries such as Thailand, Korea, USA... 
Products are always guaranteed by the freshness, purity, delicious taste imported 100%

Products are always guaranteed by the freshness, purity, delicious taste imported from famous fresh fruit sources; Guaranteed quality,.

Fruit World – District 1 fruit shop

As one of the longtime small traders in the field of wholesale and retail supply; Fruit World in HCMC Ho Chi Minh with the strength of retailing more than 30 types of fresh fruit from many regions; both at home and abroad. 

Fruit World is located right in a corner in the heart of Tan Dinh Market; is one of the oldest markets in Saigon. 

Another plus point is that the store is located at a convenient location; on the central road of Hai Ba Trung - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City; This is your chance to drop by at any time. Customers are completely secure with the form of door-to-door delivery, with only 15 minutes of driving, fresh fruit is available to use.

Besides Fresh Fruit products; When coming to Fruit World, customers also serve accompanying services such as fresh flowers, alcohol and confectionery; Full of necessary items 

Commitment and top reputation; publicize information on origin and origin, nutritional value
Hundreds of thousands of purchases per day with a variety of goods, such as clothing, cosmetics; vegetables, food, fruit, fruit; shoes, food

Fruit Box

Fruit Box is proud to be a sub-brand of Nam Chan company with the leading position in the field of import; distribution of fresh fruit in Vietnam. 

Fruit Box offers a variety of products such as: cherry, Rockit apple; American seedless black currant, American grape, New Zealand kiwi; apple Envy; American plum and many other rich imported clean fruits. 

With a top level of commitment and prestige; publicize information on origin and origin, nutritional value. Another plus point for this imported fruit shop is that it is highly appreciated by many people when coming here.

Coming to the store, customers are not only dissatisfied with high-quality fruit products; This place is also accompanied by friendly utility services; fully meet the needs of customers without having to go far. 

In addition, the store also regularly implements customer gratitude discount programs; Check back often so you don't miss out.

TERRISA Direct – high quality imported fruit shop 

TERRISA Direct – the leading prestigious unit specializing in providing high-class imported fruits. With a clear origin with the strength of imported fruit; TERRISA Direct always ensures to bring the best products to customers; any guarantee of no harmful substances; TERRISA Direct prides itself on being a reliable address; provide clean, healthy products for your family.

If you have the opportunity, you definitely come to TERRISA to experience and choose fruit; Healthy food for your family!


These are the top clean and reputable fresh fruit shops in District 1 in District 1; ensure food safety and hygiene that you can choose with peace of mind. 

Eating fruit every day is really necessary to protect the health of each person; especially when it's the most premium source of fruit. Choose your favorite fruits at the fruit shops above!


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