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In recent years, a number of fruits have been introduced into the Vietnamese market. For example: Kiwi, blueberry, cherry... have been well received by the people. If you want to buy fresh, delicious fruit, not impregnated with chemicals, you need to choose a reputable store. So which store, imported fruit market in District 5 is the best and most prestigious?

1. District 5 fruit shop – Roots

Roots . District 5 Imported Fruit Shop

Roots is a store known for providing safe foods for consumers. Organic products including imported fruit are a staple at Roots. It can be said that the store is a fruit market in District 5 with a variety of fruits including: Envy apples, American seedless black currants, Australian oranges, New Zealand kiwis, American plums, ...

Why buy fruit at Roots?

Roots with the advantage of bringing to consumers Healthy - Clean organic products. There are full food safety certificates. Besides, when buying imported fruit in District 5 at Roots, customers will experience the attentive care of the staff.

Organic store Roots
Roots brings to consumers Healthy - Clean organic products.

Assorted vegetables, fruit here are all harvested in the right season in the cultivated gardens and natural farms. Certified organic according to USDA, EU and Global Gap standards. With all kinds of imported goods, Roots provides a variety of high-end brands and products all over the world. In which, there are many kinds of products with prestigious organic certificates from the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia...

How to shop and sell fruit at Roots

Customers have online shopping needs, Roots can meet as well as provide home delivery services. The main advantage of Roots is: beautiful and careful standard package, ensuring fast delivery speed.

In addition, Roots imports fruit directly without intermediaries. So always ensure quality products and competitive prices. The selling price at Roots ranges from 70,000 VND to several million per kg. Price will depend on fruit type and weight.

2. Fruit shop – Mia Fruit

Mia Fruit is a store specializing in providing reputable imported fruits in the market. Mia Fruit has many years of experience in the field of supplying and importing fruits to the Vietnamese market. Mia Fruit prides itself on delivering the best quality fruit.

Mia Fruit
Mia Fruit

The store specializes in providing seasonal imported fruits in District 5. Most of them are fruits from countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Korea, etc. Coming to Mia Fruit, you will be able to participate in the busiest fruit "market" in District 5 at the store.

Competitive price in the market, Mia Fruit provides all kinds of fruits import with a reasonable price. The price ranges from 150,000 VND to several million depending on the type of fruit that has different prices. In addition, Mia Fruit applies a return policy within 3 days after purchase to ensure the interests of customers.

3. Shop selling imported fruits in District 5 – Green Space Store

You want to buy imported fruits in District 5 but don't know any reputable address, so come now Ho Chi Minh City Imported Fruit Store Green Space Store right.

The store is known as a reputable fruit supplier. Green Space Store is committed to always providing fresh and safe fruits to consumers. All fruits have food safety and hygiene certificates and certificates of origin.

Green Space Store
Green Space Store

The selling price of products at the imported fruit store in District 5 Green Space Store depends on the season. So, please contact the store in advance to check the selling price.

4. Shrimp Fruits

Shrimp Fruits is a system to import fruits by air. Has a clear trading history. This is one of the chain stores selling clean and safe fruit. Branded fruits, clear origin.

Imported fruit shop in District 5 Shrimp Fruits
Shrimp Fruits

So this is a reliable place for every home. A variety of fresh, good quality products, mainly produced by big brands. Not only that, customers can find nutritional information easily on the products.

Above are the top 3 reputable stores selling imported fruits in District 5 in the market. Come to Roots to take care of your health every day. And choose for yourself and your family the best quality products. Thank you for reviewing the article. Don't forget to contact Roots to shop organic products and receive promotional information as soon as possible.


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