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Nowadays, organic food stores are springing up like mushrooms. So what is organic food? Are organic foods better than other foods? Should we eat organic food? Read the article below of Roots to better understand organic food!

What is organic food?

Organic food is a term that refers to foods that are grown, raised, handled and processed according to the standards of the organic agriculture industry. These types of products will not use chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones, etc. Just heard about the production process of this food; Surely you also have the answer to the question "Is organic food better than other foods?" Right.

What is organic food, is it good?
What is organic food, is it good?

The most commonly consumed organic foods today are: fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and meat, breakfast cereals, etc.

What types of organic foods are included, are they good?

Organic foods are also very diverse, they include fresh foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, ... to ready-made biscuits, cereals, .... In fact, organic food is divided into 2 categories:

Plant-based organic products: These are foods that are produced completely naturally. Growers will use natural fertilizers such as sawdust, chicken manure, and organic fertilizers to fertilize the plants. In addition, they also use many biological measures to control pathogens; Or plant plants that repel insects that come to eat plants.

Should we use organic food?
Organic foods are divided into many different groups

Organic products from animals: These are foods from animals such as meat, eggs, milk, .... These animals will be kept outdoors; and use only organic food without antibiotics or growth promoters.

As for ready-made products such as cereals, cookies, ...; they will not contain additives, preservatives or colorants. Surely listening to this, you will also be less "indifferent" about the issue of "is organic food good or not?" Right.

Why should you choose organic food?

If you still think that organic food only has green vegetables, you are not right. Because according to the classification levels just mentioned, this type of food also includes meat and eggs; or processed foods such as milk, cereals. And their common point is that there are no additives such as preservatives, colorants.

Distinguish between organic and non-organic foods
Distinguish between organic and non-organic foods

Foods that want to be recognized as organic must go through a very rigorous testing process. It's not just a chemical-free farming method; but also as a farm model that helps conserve biological diversity from balancing the ecosystem. So is using organic food really good? Take a look at the benefits section below to find the answer for you!

Is organic food really that good?

Freshness of the product

Because organic food does not contain preservatives; so it can only be sold for a very short period of time. Therefore, you are completely assured of the freshness of the product. And if you ask “Is organic food better than other foods?”

Then the answer is: YES

Because the product is always guaranteed to be fresh; so the content of minerals and Vitamin also 15 % higher than conventional food.

Is organic food good for children's health?

Use organic food; you will no longer have to worry about children getting food poisoning or their development being affected; due to tolerance of certain toxins from pesticides over a long period of time.

Reducing Nitra poisoning in children
Should children eat organic food? - Definitely yes

Lower nitrate levels in organic foods

Studies have shown that, in organic foods, nitrate concentrations are 30% lower than in conventional foods. If you didn't know, high nitrate levels are linked to an increased risk of certain cancers; In addition, they also affect the ability of the child to carry oxygen to the cells in the body.

Are organic foods good for heart health?

Animals raised according to organic standards will be grazed in the pasture. It is this that increases the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) present in the products derived from them.

This beneficial fatty acid is an essential heart-protective nutrient; and is also commonly found in breast milk and animal meat.


In daily family meals, organic food is considered an ideal and safe food source. So please add them to your daily menu. If you do not know a reputable address to buy organic food; then please call our hotline 082 333 6868 Roots for your advice!

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