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What are organic products or certified organic foods? Related information about organic organic foods. Address providing quality organic food; reputable organic foods right in the article below

What is organic food? Organic products 

Organic means an organic product; are products grown without the use of pesticides and sewage sludge; genetically modified organisms; or synthetic fertilizers; ionic radiation. 

For animals such as: meat, poultry, eggs; dairy products without antibiotics; Growth hormone will also be included in the list of organic foods. 

These organic products are produced; livestock and farming on farms that focus on the use of resources; regeneration; conservation of land and water resources; with the desire to improve environmental quality; together with the environment for future generations.

What is organic food? Organic products 
These organic products are produced; Livestock and grow crops on farms that focus on the use of resources

How to certify organic products?

In the process of organic agricultural production; for organic producers need to follow the standards; fully meet the requirements of production in organic agriculture. 

Most importantly, all of these standards will help consumers; customers use to know that organic products will be made; or not made in organic farming; such as standards relating to the use of chemicals; or other influencing factors that are not in the category of this standard assessment

And to be rated as organic food; It is very important to meet 3K standards:

Do not use flavorings, colorings, thickeners; preservative.

No chemicals or growth hormones are used.

Do not use genetically modified materials; or sterilization irradiation…

What types of organic foods are there? Food & Drink 

Organic products are also divided into two categories: plants and animals.

Organic foods in the care process also need a lot of care and attention to bring the most natural and guaranteed organic foods. 

What are the benefits of organic products? 

Food is fresher and tastier; and is not a product for a long time like other foods with preservatives; Contains no preservatives, so food will spoil faster.

Guaranteed freshness; nutritional content of vitamins and minerals is higher than 15 %; compared to conventional foods.

Health safety 

Use organic products; you will limit the risks of problems such as: food poisoning; consuming foods containing toxins that affect the development process; as well as everyone's health

Lower nitrate levels in organic products

Benefits of organic products
Organic foods in the care process also need a lot of care and attention to bring the most natural and guaranteed organic foods.

High nitrate levels are responsible for an increased risk of certain cancers; high nitrate concentrations in organic foods will be lower than 30%; compared with conventional foods; and also affect the ability to transport oxygen to cells in the body, which is not good for children 

Organic foods contain more beneficial fatty acids

Organic milk; or dairy products containing fatty acids such as: omega 3; iron, vitamin E will be higher than normal products; can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Boost your immune system and protect your heart health

The animals are raised according to organic standards; will be grazed in the pasture and thereby increase the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

This type of fatty acid is extremely beneficial; provide essential nutrients to protect the heart to consumers; ensure health, nutrition and minerals 

The address to buy reputable, quality, and affordable organic products 

Organic food, if expensive but well worth the investment

Organic Beauty at Roots – Organic Store and Juice Bar; not only meet health safety standards; ensure food sources are free from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones or genetic modification; offers great health benefits; Environmental friendliness; and without soil loss and water pollution; build a long-term sustainable green lifestyle in harmony with the environment. 

ROOTS is proud to provide quality organic food from the most prestigious suppliers in Saigon, which provides clean and safe food.  

Certain reasons you should choose ROOTS

Fresh food harvested from local & international organic farms
Priority store is diversified with more than 6,000 standard products of origin; High quality comes from many famous brands such as Gerber, Diet Food, Premium Quality, Quaker, Pigeon, Neutrogena …and always available
Deliver to home; Orders go quickly to customers

Certain reasons you should choose ROOTS
Fresh food harvested from local & international organic farms

Using 100% paper bags with the criterion of environmentally friendly products.
Roots reduces maximum profit in most product groups to give the opportunity to access and maintain a GREEN - HEALTHY - CLEAN lifestyle.
You will find Roots often have special promotions because Roots wants as many customers to experience and use high quality products at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact Roofs with the information below to get your questions answered! 


Fanpage: ROOTS – Organic Store and Juice Bar

Address: 237 – 239 – 241 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 082 333 6868



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