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Is sweet or sour green acacia mango the problem that interests you? For those who have never enjoyed this delicious fruit, this is indeed a difficult question. Besides, eating acacia mango is fat? How many calories in acacia mango? All will be answered in the following article. Let's look forward to seeing you now!

What is the origin of this fruit?

Acacia mango is one of the original mango varieties imported from the Ta Keo region of Cambodia. Later they were planted in many provinces and border areas; including Vietnam. Currently, this special fruit is grown in many southern provinces.

The shape and taste of acacia mango

The shape of this mango is round at the waist; gradually shrink to the left end; The mango's tail is full but still has a certain curvature. Fruit with thin and green skin; However, the inside of the intestine is golden yellow.

The average weight of a mango is about 350g (250-400g/fruit). There is a thick portion of rice; yellow flesh; flat seeds (flat); The meat is quite crispy, with a sweet taste.

Since the fruit is young, the mango has a very little sour taste. And when entering the level of "banh tau", the meat tastes sweet, frugal and not sour; nor is there any pungent smell of pus; very easy to eat. In particular, acacia mango when left to ripen is extremely tasty; The skin is not yellow like other mango varieties.

It can be seen that if other mango varieties are still green, eating will be very sour; they are only delicious and sweet when the mango is ripe; Acacia mango is said to possess both of the above advantages. When it is green, the fruit has a mild sour taste and is crispy; When ripe, acacia mango has a sweet and mild aroma.

Therefore, the advantage of these mangoes is that they are favored by both the South and the North. Hanoians often prefer to eat cooked food more; Meanwhile, Saigon people are fascinated with green mango with chili salt.

acacia mango
Delicious and ripe acacia mango – Sweet aroma

Acacia mango and specific effects when eaten ripe or green

Helps improve eyesight: One of the effects of this ripe mango is to help improve eyesight. With just 1 cup of 100g mango will help provide your body with 25% the most needed amount of vitamin A within 1 week. Eating mango will also help prevent the risk of eye irritation; complications of night blindness and dry eyes.

Helps to gain weight: About 150g of mango will help provide you with more than 80 calories for the body. Besides, mango is a food that is easily absorbed and digested. They will help you gain weight faster than when eating other foods.

Helps strengthen the digestive system: Eating green acacia mango will work to help strengthen the digestive system. Enzymes in mango will help promote protein digestion; thereby helping to facilitate the digestive process.

Besides, the rich fiber content in mango will also help significantly reduce the risk of constipation as well as digestive disorders.

sweet or sour acacia mango?
This is the favorite food of many pregnant women during pregnancy

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How many calories in acacia mango?

Acacia mango is one of the mango varieties with a bright yellow color; along with a very characteristic strong aroma. So how many calories in 100g of acacia mango? In fact, 100g of this mango in its ripe form can provide about 82 calories. 1 acacia mango with an average weight (about 300g) will fall into about 156 calories.

How many calories in acacia mango?
So in conclusion, in 1 acacia mango contains about 156 calories

How to eat mango to help lose weight most effectively

As we all know, eating green mango will help to lose weight. Besides, ripe mango makes us gain weight significantly. Therefore, if you are intending to lose weight; We should remove ripe mangoes from our daily menu.

To be able to both satisfy the appetite; both bring many benefits to his physique; you should get into the habit of eating mangoes about 2 times a week; with the right amount of fruit. You should choose green mangoes; medium ripeness; no spots appear.

To be more appetizing, you can choose to buy mango Organic and pre-cut into thin slices. Then, put them in a box and store in the refrigerator. You can gradually in about 1 to 2 weeks. When eating mango is chilled, the mango will acquire a crispness; The taste will also be less sour. Besides, you can also combine eating mango in many different ways; eg doing a mango detox; mango shake; mango salad; mango blended, …

green acacia mango sour or sweet
Ripe mango has a sweet taste


Hope this article has helped bring you the most useful information about acacia mango. And if you're looking for yourself Quality mango products; next to that is organic fruits the freshest green; Get in touch today with ROOTS for advice as soon as possible!


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