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Grapefruit is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals; Not only has the effect of promoting health, but also helps to beautify and treat some diseases. Connoisseurs will often choose green-skinned pomelo to eat because this is a delicious and very famous grapefruit variety that is grown a lot in Ben Tre. You must have heard of many types of green-skinned pomelo with red, white, and pink flesh, etc. So what color does a green-skinned grapefruit have and does it have seeds? We invite you to learn more about this grapefruit through the article below.

How many types of green grapefruit are there?

Green grapefruit features a rather thin blue shell; When ripe, pomelo is yellowish green, easy to peel. Grapefruit cloves are pink-red, succulent, tightly packed and very easy to separate from the segment walls. Grapefruit is spherical, round and weighs an average of 1.2-2.5 kg/fruit.

Grapefruit green skin is characterized by a rather thin green skin, grapefruit cloves are pink-red, succulent
Grapefruit green skin is characterized by a rather thin green skin, grapefruit cloves are pink-red, succulent

Many people who buy green-skinned grapefruit often wonder if grapefruit has seeds or not? Depending on different types of green-skinned pomelo, there are seedless varieties; or quite a few seeds and can have up to 30 seeds in one fruit.

On the market today, red-skinned grapefruit is the most popular grapefruit variety. Besides, green-skinned pomelo is also bred into many other types.

Grapefruit with green skin and red flesh

The outstanding feature for you to distinguish this type from other pomelo varieties is that the intestines of the pomelo are bright red, the peel is quite thin, and the shrimp are succulent. When eating grapefruit, you will feel the sweet taste on the tip of your tongue. Therefore, this new grapefruit variety is bought by many people because of its deliciousness.

This red flesh pomelo variety originates from Thanh Tan commune, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre. Every New Year to Spring, almost every family buys a pair of fresh green skinned pomelos and round fruits. To be displayed on the ancestral altar or in the New Year's Eve five-fruit tray. Because grapefruit has green skin, red flesh, round and fresh; The citrus fruit is red, so people believe it will bring prosperity and wealth to the family.

Grapefruit with green skin and white flesh

This variety of pomelo is also known as Hoang pomelo. This type of grapefruit has large citrus, sweet taste; Grapefruit citrus contains a lot of water, but when peeling, it is quite difficult and peeling. Just like grapefruit with green skin and red flesh; When it comes to white-fleshed grapefruit, the grapefruit peel remains glossy green and looks very eye-catching.

Grapefruit with green skin and pink intestine

In addition to the two types of grapefruit mentioned above, there are also green-skinned and pink-fleshed pomelos. Its characteristics are not much different from the above two types. However, compared to the nutritional value for health, the green-skinned pomelo with red flesh is still number 1.
In addition, because it contains many nutritional values, it is delicious and has a beautiful appearance; Therefore, pomelos with green skin and red flesh are chosen by many people as gifts.

Nutritional value of red-skinned, red-skinned pomelo

Green-skinned grapefruit, whether it is red, white, pink, with seeds or without seeds, they are delicious, attractive but also very nutritious. Not only that, grapefruit is also a valuable remedy to help prevent and treat diseases.

Grapefruit with green skin and intestines of any color has high nutritional value for our health
Grapefruit with green skin and intestines of any color has high nutritional value for our health

Increases resistance

Grapefruit green skin has a nourishing effect on the body thanks to its cooling and heat-clearing properties. In particular, abundant amounts of vitamins A and C help strengthen the immune system; prevent common diseases. Just work hard to eat grapefruit every day, you have provided enough 78% for the vitamin C needs in the body already. In addition, if you have a cold or fever, drink a glass of grapefruit juice; You will feel much better.

Magical medicine for diabetics

Diabetics are often recommended by doctors to eat about 3 grapefruits a day to improve their condition. Even for people who are at risk of diabetes, eating green grapefruit regularly helps prevent it.

Prostate cancer prevention

In green skin grapefruit contains many antioxidants; and they have the ability to fight cancer cells. This has been proven, and the results are truly surprising given that more than 50% among the trial participants had virtually no risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, eating grapefruit will help your body become much healthier.

Eating grapefruit with green skin and red intestines helps prevent constipation

The fiber in grapefruit helps to secrete saliva and gastric juices to support good digestion. At the same time helps to prevent constipation; prevent some diseases such as diarrhea, inflammation of the small intestine.

How to choose a delicious red grapefruit with green skin

Because it is a precious fruit and brings many nutritional and economic values. Green-skinned grapefruit is not only consumed domestically; but they are also imported to many other countries at high prices. To avoid buying fake or bad grapefruit, you need to note the following points:

  • See weight: Pick up a grapefruit and compare it with another. If the grapefruit is heavy and weighs 1kg or more, it is a delicious grapefruit; when eaten, it is both sweet and succulent.
  • Grapefruit peel: The skin should be tight and the nodules should be even; The older the grapefruit, the larger the thorns will be. If the skin of the grapefruit is not tight and looks spongy, it is a wilted or young grapefruit and you should not buy them. Another useful way is to see if the skin of the red-skinned grapefruit is thin or not. You just need to pat the grapefruit and let the sound come out. If there is a click, the grapefruit has a thin skin; thick shell will make a popping sound. You should choose a thin grapefruit because when you eat it, it will be more delicious and sweet; not sour like old fruit.
  • Grapefruit stem: You can also check the stem of the grapefruit to see if the grapefruit is still fresh or not. Use your hand to press the stem of the grapefruit. If the stem is drooping, the grapefruit is still fresh. On the contrary, if the stalk is tough and difficult to cut, the pomelo may have wilted because it has been left for a long time.


Based on the information in the article, hopefully you can choose for yourself delicious, standard red-skinned pomelos without worrying about buying fakes. No matter what color grapefruit green skin, eating grapefruit every day is very good for health; and you should buy regular grapefruit for the family. Ideally, you should choose reputable stores to ensure quality and price.

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