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Today, it is not enough to just be delicious, the food needs to be clean and safe for health. That is also the reason why organic food stores (English name is organic food) were born, helping to supply green ingredients that meet organic standards. Roots also appeared on the market with the mission to bring consumers the best values of mother nature.

What is organic food?

Organic foods refer to foods grown with methods that must meet organic agricultural standards. Accordingly, they are not allowed to use chemicals (chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, ...), antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms.

Organic products organic food
Organic products organic food

Benefits of using organic food

It's not natural organic food trend became hot again and was chosen by so many families. It brings countless golden benefits to the health of users:

Prevention: Scientific studies have shown that organic foods contain 40% more antioxidants than non-organic foods. Therefore, it helps to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood sugar, etc.

Many nutrients: They are completely free of harmful chemicals, so all the nutrients are preserved in it.

Has great taste: Unlike unnaturally cultured varieties, organic foods have a very natural, juicy taste, without any strange odors, etc.

Does not contain modified organisms GENERAL: Currently, there are many foods that use genetically modified organisms that do not follow the laws of nature to produce the desired yield or produce.

Using organic food is very good for health
Using organic food is very good for health

Roots – What's in our organic grocery store?

Referring to Roots, you will probably mention “organic food paradise” because we can say that there is everything you want to enjoy.

Full range of organic foods (cakes, bread, butter, rice, vinegar, seafood...)

– Organic drinks (coffee, beer, soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, ...)

- Products for body care, baby care, maternity care, etc.

– Home and pet care products

- Nutrition for mother, baby, sports, ...

With a single glance, you can buy a full dozen ingredients for a hearty meal for the whole family. Therefore, Roots is an organic food store that can meet the needs of almost all ages from children to family members.

Roots has confidently satisfied millions of families since its inception. Because we know that things that come from the heart will create good and meaningful products for everyone.

Roots owns all the necessary organic foods
Roots owns all the necessary organic foods

Why should you choose Roots?

We choose genuine farmers as partners

To become a trusted organic food store; The main thing is input. Roots understood that and decided to go to the countryside all over the country; to select “true farmers” with extensive farming experience; and fully meet the organic standards in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.

The source of goods is very important, so we regularly exchange and check and monitor; to ensure that the product is up to standard. This is the difference and the heart that we want for consumers; are the distinguished guests of Roots.

Organic food store has 100% of quality and safe products

To ensure that 100% Roots products meet quality standards and are products that will be used by users; We check every step very strictly, not to miss any stage.

Customers trust Roots also because we always transparently disclose all information about the origin and nutrition of the product; so that customers always feel secure when using. That's why we're always so happy; because customers come back after their first purchase and use of Roots products.

Roots always get trust from users
Roots always get trust from users

Roots – The best organic food store in Ho Chi Minh City

With all his heart, Roots does not put profit as the direction to grow. We choose the value of our customers as a guideline for action. Not for any profit to change the standards; slight deviation is not allowed.

Good products are not enough; Roots understands that cost is one of the things that many customers care about; so we decided to choose a price that everyone could be satisfied with; and have fun owning it and walking out to the store.

Organic paradise as small as Roots, you don't even want to visit Roots right now. Surely your meal today will be very different!


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