Roots always strives to bring the most complete shopping experience to customers. However, if there is a case where Roots team makes mistakes that make you unhappy, Roots is looking forward to hearing your comments to have the opportunity to correct and improve. For feedback on the quality of our products and services, or for a return or exchange, please contact us at:

o Facebook: Roots – Organic Store And Juice Bar

o Hotline / Zalo / Whatsapp: (+84) 82 333 6868

o Email:

1. Cases in which goods can be exchanged or returned:

a. For all orders:

i. Customers change their mind or change their usage needs;

ii. The product does not meet the quality commitment due to the Manufacturer's technical error or the omission of Roots;

iii. The product has a shelf life of less than ⅕ of the full shelf life of the goods stated on the package;

b. For online orders:

i. The product has lost its seal;

ii. The delivered product is wrong in quantity and design compared to the order;

iii. The product is damaged, does not meet the quality standards due to the transportation process.

2. Roots does not apply to exchange or return for the following items: 

a. Goods of fresh food, processed food or goods with a shelf life of less than 30 days;

b. Group of goods preserved in special conditions, frozen food;

c. Discounted goods, liquidation.

*** For online orders, please check the product before paying. Customers have the right to refuse to receive goods and refuse to pay if the delivery staff does not deliver the right products according to the order or detects that the products do not meet the announced quality. 

3. Conditions for exchange and return:

a. Products must be exchanged or returned within 07 days after purchase;

b. Unused products;

c. The product is in its original condition, including stamps, labels, and packaging (unless the product is defective or damaged due to the fault of Roots or the Manufacturer);

d. Accessories, warranty certificates, gift certificates, freebies etc. must be returned in full (if any) with the purchase receipt;

e. Each product can only be exchanged or returned once;

f. Roots is not responsible for cases where the returned or exchanged goods are damaged during transportation to the Store.

4. Method of exchange and return:

a. For goods exchanged or returned due to Roots' fault or from the Manufacturer, the Customer will be exchanged for an equivalent product of the same type.

b. For goods exchanged or returned due to Customer's change in use demand, Customer will be exchanged for another type of goods of equal or higher value than the item they want to exchange and compensate for the difference if the product has a higher value. higher value. Roots does not refund change in case the new product is of lower value.

5. Expenses for exchange and return:

a. For goods exchanged or returned due to Roots or Manufacturer's fault: Customers will be free of charge for exchange, return and free delivery to the required location (within the country).

b. For goods exchanged or returned due to Customer's change of use demand, Customer will bear the shipping cost according to Roots' shipping policy if they want to return or send new goods to the required address.

6. Refund Policy:

a. Refund method on return:

i. Refund method will be based on the payment method of the Customer when purchasing, but refund through the payment gateway system, via bank transfer or cash refund at the Store.

ii. Goods purchased with gift vouchers, promotional vouchers, accumulated points will not be eligible for cash refund. Instead, the Customer will be entitled to any exchange in accordance with item (4).

b. Processing Time:

i. Roots will send the results of the response to the refund request to the Customer via email or text within 01 working day from the time the Store receives the product back.

ii. If the exchanged or returned goods meet the requirements in paragraphs (1), (2) and (3), Roots will carry out the refund procedure for the Customer within the following time:

o With non-bank payment method: Customers will receive the refund within 01 - 02 working days.

o With payment method via bank: Roots will complete the refund procedure in 1-2 working days and send a request to the bank for processing. Processing time according to the regulations of the card issuing bank.