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Hoa Loc sand mango season in which month is always a concern of those who love this type of mango. Because Hoa Loc sand mango is ranked among the best mango varieties currently grown in Vietnam. So, when is the season of Hoa Loc sand mango ripe and fruiting? Follow the article for more information!

What month is Hoa Loc sand mango season?

Hoa Loc sand mango main crop from April to May; while the late mango season is in July-August and the off-season mango season is in December-January every year. Currently, mango is grown in many areas of the Mekong Delta such as: Tien Giang, An Giang, Dong Thap, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Vinh Long....

But the best Hoa Loc sand mango is Hoa Loc commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. Because this place has very favorable soil, since then Hoa Loc sand mango is also more delicious than other places.

Hoa Loc sand mango in which season is the best?

Hoa Loc sand mangoes in the main season will taste the best compared to late or off-season. Usually from mid-April to the end of May is the best ripe Hoa Loc mango season. The mangoes have round cheeks, large, firm fruits, and a seductive fragrance that makes you hard to resist. Those who have ever eaten Hoa Loc sand mango ripe in the main season can hardly forget its taste.

Hoa Loc sand mango season ripens in April - May
If you don't know what month Hoa Loc sand mango fruit, it will usually be in April - May

Hoa Loc sand mangoes in bad season or late ripening are not as delicious and rich as in favorable season.

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Benefits of eating ripe mango in the season

Ripe Hoa Loc sand mango contains many vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, B6 and minerals such as biotin, carotene, biotin, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus .... Mangoes bring many benefits to the body. health such as: 

Hoa Loc sand mango is good for eyes

Mango contains a lot of vitamin A, carotene helps improve eyesight, fight macular degeneration and cataracts. Besides, in mango there are Lutein Protect your eyes from damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, keep in mind the ripe mango season to buy and enjoy to supplement vitamins for your eyes!

Helps protect the heart and stabilize blood pressure

The potassium content in mangoes fights the formation of plaque in the artery walls. Helps stabilize blood pressure and keep the heart healthy, prevent stroke, avoid anemia.

You should eat mango when the mango season is ripe to prevent cancer

The antioxidants present in mango fight the formation of free radicals. The pectin present in mango effectively prevents the formation of cancer cells.

Eating mango in the main season will have many good effects on health
Eating mango in the main season will have many good effects on health

Mangoes support good digestion

Hoa Loc sand mango contains many enzymes that support digestion, enhance metabolism and absorb nutrients for the body. In addition, in mango also contains fiber that supports the digestive process very well.

Mango improves memory

If you want to help your family improve their memory; then let them use a lot of mangoes, especially ripe mangoes when in season. Because vitamin B6 contained in mango has a tonic effect on the nerves, helping to sleep better and deeper. This helps improve memory in the elderly and children.

Helps beautify skin

Mangoes contain a lot of vitamin C, which supports the production of collagen so that the skin does not age. At the same time deep clean pores always for women to have smooth, shiny and rosy skin.

Mango promotes weight loss

Hoa Loc sand mango in the ripe season will have a sweet taste but low in calories, so it helps us not to get bored; thereby reducing blood sugar, so mango is an effective weight loss food for women.

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How to preserve the freshness of mangoes for a long time?

When in season, Cat Hoa Loc mangoes will ripen in bulk and be eaten by many people; because then mango is very fragrant. However, if you don't know how to store it, ripe mangoes will spoil quickly.

The best way to preserve ripe mangoes is to wrap them in newspaper and place them in the refrigerator
The best way to preserve ripe mangoes is to wrap them in newspaper and place them in the refrigerator

There is a simple way to help you preserve ripe mangoes for a long time; That is, you use newspaper to wrap the mango tightly and neatly and then put it in the refrigerator to eat gradually.

The main mango season is coming, where to buy Cat Hoa Loc mango?

You can buy mangoes at stores such as markets and supermarkets. However, for your convenience, you can order online to buy the Hoa Loc mango this. In ROOTSorganic food store also sell delicious Hoa Loc sand mango; has a clear origin, so you can rest assured when choosing.

Hopefully with our article; You have learned about the ripe mango season of this specialty mango variety. Do not forget to add mango to the daily menu; because of the health benefits that this fruit brings!


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