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Acacia mango is a favorite fruit of many people. But after the epidemic situation developed complicatedly; Many people wonder: "How much is acacia mango?"; “How much does a yellow acacia mango cost?”;…If you are wondering the price of acacia mango in the market; Please take some time to read through the following article! ROOTS will synthesize market news for readers' reference!

How much is acacia mango 1kg? – Origin and origin of the fruit

Let's find out the origin as well as the price of acacia mango how much 1kg!
Let's find out the origin as well as the price of acacia mango how much 1kg!

Before finding the answer to how much acacia mango is 1kg; Let's take a look at the origin of this fruit and what features it has that make many people love it!

Origin of acacia mango

Acacia mango is a mango variety originally imported from Ta Keo region of Cambodia, later grown in some border provinces, including Vietnam. Currently, they are grown a lot in the southern provinces.

Special features of acacia mango – How much is acacia mango 1kg

What are the characteristics of the fruit shape that many people love?
What are the characteristics of the fruit shape that many people love?

To know how much acacia mango on the market 1kg; How much does acacia mango cost? How much does a yellow acacia mango cost?… Let's take a look at the characteristics of this fruit!

Acacia mango has a round waist, gradually smaller to the left, the left tail is full but still curved. The fruit skin is thin green but the inside is golden yellow. Average weight 350g/fruit (250-400g/fruit), thick rice, yellow flesh, thin seeds (flat), crispy, sweet flesh.

Acacia mango since the fruit is young has a small sour taste, when it is "medium right", the flesh is sweet, light, not sour and has no pus, not pungent, so it is easy to eat. Especially acacia mango is eaten when ripe, the skin does not turn yellow like other mangoes. If other mango varieties are sour when green and sweet when ripe, it is said that acacia mango has both of the above advantages.

When green, the fruit has a mild sour and crunchy taste, when ripe, acacia mango has a sweet and fragrant taste. Because of this advantage, acacia mango is favored by both the North and the South. Hanoians often prefer to eat this fruit when it is more ripe; and Saigon people prefer green mango dipped in salt and pepper.

Uses when using acacia mango

Health benefits of acacia mango
Health benefits of acacia mango

Surely it is not natural that many people wonder about the price of acacia mango, right? ROOTS believes that in addition to delicious mango, acacia mango also brings other good health benefits! Let's find out together, friends:

Improve eyesight

One of the effects of ripe mango is improving eyesight. Just 1 cup of 100 grams of mango provides 25% of vitamin A needed for 1 week. Eating mango also helps prevent the risk of itchy eyes, night blindness, dry eyes.

Supports weight gain

150g of mango can provide more than 80 calories for the body. In addition, mango is a food that is easily absorbed and digested, so it can help you gain weight faster than other foods.

Strengthen the digestive system

Eating green mango has the effect of strengthening the digestive system. The enzymes Mango promotes protein digestion and helps digestion go smoothly. In addition, the fiber content in mango can significantly reduce the risk of constipation and digestive disorders.

And next is the content that will reveal the price of acacia mango how much 1kg; Please continue to read the article!

How much is acacia mango 1kg? Delicious mango harvest time

Normally, Cambodian acacia mango is in season in October and December, but recently farmers have improved and cared for the tree to flower twice a year, so it is quite abundant.

How much is acacia mango 1 kg? Currently, the market price ranges from 30,000 VND to 60,000 VND. The yellow acacia mango ranges from 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND.

Acacia mango has been present on all roads, markets, supermarkets or fruit shops in Ho Chi Minh City. However, housewives when buying goods also need to pay attention to the origin of mangoes, whether imported or domestic. If buying acacia mango is not an imported product, the preservative is of unknown origin; It is very harmful to health when used.

Where to buy genuine acacia mango

If you have a need to buy genuine acacia mango; Or want to know more information about the prices from many different types of mussels and rest assured about the quality of the product. Please refer to ROOTS! ROOTS – an address specializing in providing and distributing organic productsfruits, imported fruit. Buying here you will know the origin and quality of the product above all expectations.

And hope that through the article: "Acacia Mango How Much 1kg - The Owner Only Provides Prestige, Quality"; will help readers have more information about the price of acacia mango, the price of yellow acacia mango on the market today. Follow the website of ROOTS regularly to continuously update useful knowledge, friends!


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