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Vietnam is famous as a tropical country with a variety of unique culinary flavors. Besides being favored with the two words "Tropical", there are also many fruits with bold characteristics of this tropical land. We can mention many types such as: guava, papaya or plum, etc. In which, the highlight is the mango fruit with a very characteristic flavor. Over time mango in Vietnam was developed into many different varieties. Each type has a different unique characteristic. Today, let's learn about the sweet or sour mango with Roots, whether it is delicious or not and whether it is best to eat it raw or cooked. Let's explore this mango together!

What is the special feature of Cat Chu mango compared to other mangoes?

Sweet or sour mango and the perfect choice for your family
Identify sweet or sour mango and the origin of this mango

Compared to traditional mangoes, the size of Cat Chu mangoes is much larger. Cat Chu mango is a famous mango of Dong Thap land. Its scientific name is Mangifera indica. So do you know why Cat Chu mango has this unique name? If you look closely, you will see that the top of the mango is usually protruding. That's why people took its shape to give it this name. Besides, there is also some information saying that due to its characteristics. When ripe, this mango is red from the inside out. The red color here is often called color chusa. Interesting, is not it?

Tell me more about this mango. Mango has a long and slender body. When ripe, it has an eye-catching pale yellow color. In addition, it brings an interesting and equally delicious taste to the user.

So sweet or sour mango? 

For Cat Chu mango, it is common for experienced people to choose old and hard fruits. Every time a customer buys a mango, a familiar question is, is Cat Chu mango sweet? Sweet or sour mango? Usually ripe mangoes have a very special and attractive aroma. It has a strong sweetness but does not cause the harshness of the sweetness. When eating a piece of mango, the sweetness will melt in the mouth. The sweet taste still lingering on the tip of the tongue will cause a lot of pain.

Is sand chu mango delicious or not?
Bring out the great taste with tropical fruit mango sand chu

For Cat Chu mango, is it better to eat raw or cooked? 

Depending on the preferences of each person, Cat Chu mango will be used for different purposes. When the mango is still alive, it is an indispensable dish for those who love sour foods. The mild sour taste along with the crispiness of the mango when biting in makes them extremely enjoyable. 

In addition, some people like to eat when the mango is ripe. When cooked, the meat is not too fibrous and also has a strong sweet flavor and attractive aroma. For ripe mango, users can process it into many delicious dishes. You can make an attractive mango smoothie, useful mango juice or simply a fruit platter for your beloved family!

Now you know if Cat Chu mango is sweet, right? Through this, the question of whether mango mango is delicious or not is no longer a concern of customers. Whether the mango is eaten raw or cooked depends on the preferences of each person.

How to choose a delicious Cat Chu mango and the best way to preserve mango

A quality mango mango will bring extremely useful nutritional content for your health. Sour or sweet sand mangoes bring all kinds vitamin good as: A, C, E and minerals such as calcium, iron, ... bring benefits to your health such as:

  • Improve brain function, bring clear memory.
  • Prevent the risk of cancer from cells in the body
  • It has great benefits for the digestive system and improves eyesight.
Is it better to eat raw or cooked mangoes?
Choose a delicious mango dish for a perfect family meal

For Cat Chu mango, want to ensure the quality and still ensure the nutritional minerals. We need to know the specifications and the highest quality standards. You can choose mangoes at a number of organic food store brands such as: ROOTS, Uncle Chin mango, etc. when harvested. 

In addition, whether mango is delicious or not depends on many factors. Normally, to ensure quality, the use of fruit wrapping technique is indispensable. The selected mangoes are from 8 years old and above. Premium mangoes will weigh 300g or more and ensure a smooth surface and minimize the dirt of the skin. 


If you are looking to buy nutritious fruits that bring benefits to your small family. Come to Roots to have the best quality organic food product experience. For more information, please contact Roots for thorough advice and bring the best nutrition for your family.


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