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Among the mangoes on the market today; In addition to Hoa Loc sand mango, Chu mango in Cao Lanh is also very famous. It can be said about the deliciousness, these two mangoes deserve the title of a 9, a 10. In the past, this mango variety was also loved by the Nguyen kings, so it was also known as Tien King mango. Today, let's find out with ROOTS about the origin and characteristics of this mango variety. As well as how much is the selling price of Cat Chu mangoes, friends!

Introducing Cat Chu mango

This mango is a precious fruit, often displayed in fruit baskets as gifts. This type of mango has 2 types: Cat Chu Yellow and Cat Chu Green. Both have the same origin and have been grown for a long time in Dong Thap.


Currently, Cat Chu mango is a rare mango that is especially popular in the international market. In the past, the Nguyen kings also loved to eat this type of mango; so it is also known as Tien Vua mango.

Cat Chu mango is a delicious mango variety grown in Cao Lanh - Dong Thap
Cat Chu mango is a delicious mango variety grown in Cao Lanh - Dong Thap

This is a long-standing traditional mango variety of Dong Thap (scientific name is Mangifera indica). It can be considered a purebred mango variety. In the whole of Dong Thap, there are only about 9,000 hectares of this mango (concentrated in Cao Lanh). Mango orchards here must be at least 20 to 30 years old. And the mangoes from the garden all meet Global Gap standards. 

One feature that affects the delicious quality of mangoes is the soil here. Because if you plant this variety of mango elsewhere, it will not give the desired quality. Every year, the harvest season of this mango variety is around December.

Characteristics of Cat Chu mango identification

Mangoes weigh about 350 to 400g/fruit; About 3 fruits, 1 kg. When ripe, the mango will be pale yellow; Small in shape, rounded at the top, slightly elongated. Eating this fruit, you will feel the passionate aroma, sweet taste, not harsh. Mango flesh is thick, low fiber, mango pulp is soft and chewy. The flesh of the yellow mango is very attractive.


Talking about nutrition, Cat Chu mango is a great choice. Mango contains many vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Fe, Mg, Na, K, Cu .... There are also calcium, energy, sugar, fiber, protein…. Therefore, mango is one of the fruits that must be regularly supplemented daily.

The characteristics of Cat Chu mango are small, slim and low in fiber
The characteristics of Cat Chu mango are small, slim and low in fiber

What are the health benefits of Cat Chu mango?

  • Improve eyesight
  • Brain supplement
  • Reduce nervous breakdown
  • Prevent the risk of cancer
  • Improves dyslipidemia
  • Good for the digestive system

How to preserve mango

Cat Chu mangoes are usually picked and sold when they are ripe; so it's also relatively easy to maintain. 

  • To ripen mangoes quickly, you need to store them at room temperature.
  • When the mango is ripe, it should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius.
A mango smoothie will help the body replenish many nutrients
A mango smoothie will help the body replenish many nutrients

Mangoes can be transformed into many different dishes such as smoothies, juices, fruit salads, mango ice cream, etc.

Where to buy Cat Chu mango?

This is a popular mango variety; and exported to many parts of the world. That is why there are many businesses on the market today. This gives consumers a wide range of options and even different prices. However, because there are too many selling establishments; so the quality is sometimes not guaranteed. When buying mango, you should go to a reputable address to ensure you buy quality mango as advertised. 

You can buy this variety at ROOTS – one of the most prestigious organic food suppliers today. Our mangoes ensure quality and safety for users. Currently, the price at Roots is ranging from 30,000 VND/kg Golden Cat Chu mango – 85,000 VND/kg organic mango. If you have a need, contact us today!


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