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Hoa Loc sand mango is famously delicious, a specialty because of its large fruit, different delicious taste. This fruit brings high economic value, so many people learn about mango care techniques; as well as how to incubate mangoes, how to incubate mangoes with clay lamps, how to incubate mangoes with ice, etc. To learn more about the above information, follow the article below!

Characteristics of Hoa Loc sand mango

Besides mango care techniques, the selection of mango varieties is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Because of its high economic value Hoa Loc sand mango variety There are many places that provide poor quality mango varieties. Therefore, you need to know the characteristics of this mango variety.

Sand mango has an elongated body and a pointed end. Round gourd stalk. When ripe, Hoa Loc sand mango is bright yellow, surrounded by a layer of fine chalk. What makes this variety more popular than others is because of its thin fruit, thick flesh, and thin seeds. The fruit has a strong sweet taste and doesn't have too much fiber.

Cat Hoai Loc Mango Care Techniques Increase Productivity
When ripe, Hoa Loc sand mango is bright yellow, surrounded by a layer of fine chalk.

Hoa Loc mango care technique

Mango planting season

Mango care techniques are highly seasonal. Seasonality determines yield, plant health and fruit quality.

Characteristics of Hoa Loc sand mango variety is suitable for cool and humid climate. The most suitable period to plant mango is at the beginning of the buying season, from May to July of the lunar calendar. Or if you want to grow mango at any time of the year, you need to ensure the amount of water for irrigation as well as the area where the tree is planted has the ability to shade.

Mango care techniques: Planting Hoa Loc sand mango

Before starting to plant mango, it is necessary to prepare the soil. Mix soil, manure, rice husk ash in the ratio 2: 1: 1 and add NPK 16:16:8 fertilizer in the ratio of 0.2 or 0.3 to make plant tissue.

Planting mangoes with bamboo shoots with a height of 50 - 80cm; 70cm wide so that the stump is not flooded when it rains.

The ideal planting density of Hoa Loc sand mango is 8m x 8m or 10m x 10m.

Fertilize sand mango

Depending on the conditions such as the soil and the growth status of the tree, there will be separate notes on the care technique of Hoa Loc sand mango. Here is the reference formula:

Mango trees from 0 to 2 years: 

  • 150 – 300g of 16:16:8 manure and 100 – 200g of urea/plant/year.
  • Or mix 1 tablespoon of 16:16:8 fertilizer with 1/2 teaspoon of urea/ 10 liter bucket and irrigate with the frequency of 30 days/time. 1 watering bucket for 5-6 roots.

Mango civet from 6-8 years old: Fertilize mango trees at the rate of 1.09 - 0.9 - 0.96 kg of NPk tree/year.


Hoa Loc mango care technique: Watering

After the dry season, it is necessary to water with a sufficient amount to replenish water for mango trees to flower and bear fruit.

Hoa Loc mango
Characteristics of Hoa Loc sand mango variety is suitable for cool and humid climate.

How to brew mango

Usually, people are familiar with the way to incubate mangoes with stone gas, the way to incubate mangoes with soil lights. But today, Roots will reveal to readers 5 new ways to brew mangoes very quickly and safely for health.

Use newspaper

Use newspaper or paper bags to wrap the mangoes. Ethylene gas (Natural gas helps ripen fruit) will not be able to get out; This method of incubation will help the fruit ripen faster. Wrap the newspaper just right, should not be wrapped too tightly to avoid steaming the mango, leading to easy damage. If using a paper bag, just close the mouth of the bag slightly and check the mango after 1 night!

After 1-2 days or 1 week, the mango will be fully ripe. You just need to remove the newspaper, wash the mango and enjoy.

Mango care technique: Incubate mango with rice

Let the mango ripen naturally, keeping the delicious taste; You can refer to how to brew mango with rice.

The way to do it is that you need to bury the unripe mangoes in a bucket of rice; rice needs to be covered with mangoes. Rice will hold ethylene gas to help the ripening process of the fruit take place faster.

With this method, the mangoes that are still green or about to ripen can be enjoyed the next day.

Mango incubation
Besides the ways to incubate mangoes with clay, and ways to incubate mangoes with ice, there are still many other ways to incubate mangoes.


Put together with other fruits

If you want to speed up the ripening of mangoes, you can put them together with other fruits!

After putting the mango in a paper bag or a rice bin; You can add apples, pears, apricots or bananas. These are all high ethylene-producing fruits; help sand mango ripen quickly.

With this method of incubating mangoes, it is recommended to use really ripe fruits to ensure the most stimulated production of ethylene gas.

Where to buy Hoa Loc sand mango?

Hoa Loc mango care technique is extremely complicated and elaborate. Careful care is the reason why Hoa Loc mangoes have a delicious and attractive taste. So buy Hoa Loc mango where?

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