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Referring to Cam Ranh area, people will definitely think of a land with nature harmony. But especially when it comes to this land, we cannot forget to mention a special fruit. The fruit we are talking about is the Cam Ranh Mango.

Overview of Cam Ranh mango variety

Although mango is a hot fruit, it is a familiar fruit and very easy to eat with everyone. If in the South there are varieties sand mango or four-quarter mango, in Cam Ranh area we have Cam Ranh mango. This is a fruit that is grown and sold a lot in the Cam Ranh area.

So, when you visit this place once, you will be overwhelmed by a scene where you can only see mangoes and mangoes everywhere. From the roadside to the parking spots. Therefore, there is a saying like this: "If you have never tasted Cam Ranh Mango, you must have missed a memorable experience when coming to this land."

Cam Ranh mango is a specialty of Cam Ranh region
Cam Ranh mango is a specialty of Cam Ranh region

Indeed, if you have tasted it once, you will surely feel a very sweet, crunchy flavor with a strong breath from the sunny sandy Cam Ranh area that will surely be unmistakable.

Cam Ranh mango is known as an industrial plant grown mainly in Cam Ranh. According to statistics, there are 60% with mango growing area.

Characteristics of orange mango fruit

Why say this fruit brings many advantages and especially every visitor must enjoy when coming to the land of Cam Ranh where tourism. The characteristics of this mango are:

Planting place in Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province.

Mango harvest season: There will be two stages to be able to harvest mango. That is from March to the end of July of the solar calendar. And the next period in that year is from November to February next year.

The time when the best taste of the fruit is right when it is ripe

Different from regular mango varieties. This type of mango will have quite small seeds and especially not too harsh sweetness. It is also the advantage that these fruits will attract many visitors from the first time you touch your lips.

Shelf life: Up to 20 days if stored properly. As well as 10 days so that everyone can gradually use it from picking until fully ripe. Time when refrigerated is 7 days, mango is still completely guaranteed quality.

How long can Cam Ranh mangoes be stored before ripening?

The fruit export market in Vietnam to foreign countries is currently quite developed in recent years. Not to be expected, Cam Ranh mango has also been introduced to the market in other countries as well as received positive feedback. So, how can you know the appropriate storage time of Cam Ranh mangoes before this fruit starts to ripen so that you have the most timely consumption direction?


Cam Ranh mango taste delicious when enjoying
Cam Ranh mango taste delicious when enjoying

Based on documents of the Mango Association and Cam Ranh mango variety. Storage time will depend on 2 factors. It is the temperature of the mango and it is the age of the mango from when it was harvested.

Specifically, they will be calculated as follows:

This form will also be divided into two temperature levels:

First, the temperature of Cam Ranh mango will be at 14 degrees Celsius:

If Cam Ranh mango is harvested from 03 days back. You need to store until fully ripe, up to 10 days with a temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal environment to help mangoes are juicy and taste right when enjoying.

Conversely, if it has been 3 days since the mango was picked from the tree. But now it is still preserved at this temperature. The mango will probably keep the mango juicy for up to a week.

Second, the temperature of the mango is above 14 degrees Celsius:

Similar to the above, if the mango is 3 days old or less. You will store up to 7 days with a temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius.

If the mango has passed 3 days since it was picked. Mangoes will ripen immediately, but you cannot apply preservation measures to prolong them.

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