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Dong Thap Muoi is a land famous for its delicious agricultural products and fruits. Among them is Cao Lanh mango - a fruit specialty of Dong Thap that not only brings high economic efficiency to the people here; but also help promote the image of the locality. Let's learn about the Cao Lanh mango granary and the market price of mangoes with Roots through the article below.

The famous specialty fruit of Dong Thap Muoi

Thanks to lying beside Tien River Therefore, Cao Lanh district is alluvial all year round. The fertile soil and mild climate facilitated the development of fruit trees; In which, the highlight is Cao Lanh mango granary. Currently, this is also one of the leading localities in the country in terms of mango growing area with more than 4,000 hectares.

Cao Lanh mango is famous for a long time as a famous specialty fruit of Dong Thap province; Thanks to that, it attracts a large number of tourists to come here to enjoy. Over the years, mangoes here have always been appreciated in the consumer market due to their high and stable quality.

Not only that, in delicious fruit contests in the Mekong Delta; Cao Lanh mango is always present and won high prizes. If you have the opportunity to go to Cao Lanh; Don't forget to stop by to buy specialty mangoes as gifts for relatives and friends.

Famous specialties of Dong Thap Muoi
Famous specialties of Dong Thap Muoi

What are the types of Cao Lanh mangoes?

In Cao Lanh district, there are currently two famous types of mangoes; that is Cat Chu mango and Cat mango of the same type as Cat Hoa Loc mango. Both types of mango have different characteristics; but all have in common is less fiber, fresh yellow meat, fragrant and sweet.
Cao Lanh mango brand is not only famous in the country but also reaching out to the world market. Every year, hundreds of tons of mangoes are exported to countries such as Korea, New Zealand, and Japan.

Cat Chu Mango

Cat Chu mango is stamped white and has the scientific name Mangifera Indica. This is a local traditional mango variety that has existed for a long time. The reason this mango is called Cat Chu because the top of the mango fruit - where the stem is often "chus" out. In addition, some people say that it is called Cat Chu mango; because the skin and flesh of the mango are slightly red (similar to the color of cinnabar).

Cat Chu Cao Lanh mango barn usually bears fruit around December of the solar calendar. Gardeners often use the trick to squeeze the water to make the plants flower earlier. Cat Chu mango for high yield; easy to grow and suitable for many types of soil, especially alluvial soil along the river.

Mango fruit has an elongated shape, when ripe, the skin is pale yellow. Mango flesh is low in fiber, soft but slightly chewy, fragrant and very sweet. When eating, the piece of mango seems to melt in the mouth; along with the sweet sweetness that still lingers on the tip of the tongue.

Cat Chu mango when ripe, the skin is pale yellow, the flesh is less fibrous and has a sweet taste
Cat Chu mango when ripe, the skin is pale yellow, the flesh is less fibrous and has a sweet taste

Hoa Loc mango

Unlike Cat Chu mango, Cat Hoa Loc mango will be green stamped and has the scientific name Mangifera Indica L. This is a Cat mango of the same type as Cat mango grown in Hoa Loc (Tien Giang province); was introduced to Cao Lanh in the 60s. Thanks to the soil compatibility, this mango has superior quality compared to other mangoes of the same variety but grown in other localities.

Cat Hoa Loc mangoes produce larger and elongated fruits than traditional Cat Chu mangoes. Mango fruit when ripe will have a pale yellow skin; the fruit flesh inside is bright yellow; thick, firm and smooth and supple. Mango flesh is low in fiber, has a rich sweet taste and mild aroma.

Cat Hoa Loc mango is low in fiber, has a rich sweet taste and mild aroma
Cat Hoa Loc mango is low in fiber, has a rich sweet taste and mild aroma

Dong Thap Cao Lanh mango price

With exported fruit varieties such as Cat Chu mango and Cat Hoa Loc mango. Are you worried about the price of two types of Cao Lanh Dong Thap mangoes? Since both are export items and have their own brands; Therefore, the selling price will be fixed from time to time. The difference between sellers is not high, so consumers can feel secure.

Currently, the price of Cat Chu mangoes fluctuates around 50,000 VND/kg. If you buy it at agro-food stores or wholesale markets, the price is about 40,000-80,000 VND/kg.

The price of Cat Hoa Loc mangoes will vary depending on the region. The price of grade 1 mangoes at growers in some western provinces is about 80,000-100,000 VND/kg. In Dong Thap, Cat Hoa Loc mangoes are priced at 120,000-150,000 VND/kg. Especially on Tet holiday, mango prices can fluctuate higher depending on market demand.

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Where to buy delicious Cat Chu mango and Cat Hoa Loc mango?

Cat Chu mango and Hoa Loc mango is a delicious fruit of Cao Lanh district; It is loved by many people and is also exported to many parts of the world. Therefore, on the market today, there are many establishments selling these two types of mango. This gives consumers a wide range of choices at different prices. However, because there are too many establishments selling Cao Lanh mango; So sometimes the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, when buying mango, you should find a reputable address to ensure the quality of the mango is as advertised.

One of the clean fruit shop The most prestigious fruit supplier today is Roots. Fruit here are carefully selected to bring delicious and beautiful fruits; quality assurance and user safety. In addition, the store also offers Organic products good for health.

Order mango at Roots, you will be completely assured of the quality as well as the price.


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