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How to quickly ripen sapodilla at home, simple, easy to do and safe, say no to chemicals, is waiting for you in this article. Watch now, don't miss it!

Sapodilla is a delicious and nutritious fruit.
Sapodilla is a delicious and nutritious fruit.

What types of sapodilla are delicious and popular?

Alike Xuan Dinh sapodilla Mango sapodilla Red sapodilla
Source Xuan Dinh, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi South Thailand
Special point No plastic and no grit like other types. Good resistance, less susceptible to pests.

Less sand and grain.

New variety, outstanding large size, can weigh up to 2kg and red flesh.
Fruit Similar to a filling, cone-shaped, the tip is slightly pointed.

Thin, earthy yellow bark.

Large size, almost like goose eggs, oval shape.

The bark is smooth with a pale yellow color.

Oblong and can reach lengths up to 17cm-20cm.

Tastes like almonds.

Leaves Veins hidden, leaves thick and short, glossy green. Oblong, glossy green, leaf veins are clearly visible and curved compared to Xuan Dinh sapodilla variety Similar to lekima leaves, the leaf blade is large and clearly veined.
Unique red sapodilla.
Unique red sapodilla.

The secret to choosing delicious sapodilla and how to quickly ripen sapodilla at home

The secret to choosing a delicious sapodilla, without being embarrassed or acrid with the senses

  • Color

Ripe sapodilla will have a characteristic yellow-brown color. This is a sign of ripe sapodilla fruit. Ripe sapodilla trees will be soft and sweet, not acrid.
If there is light yellow and green, there is a lot of white resin. then these are young sapodilla, unripe, will have acrid taste and not good for health.
Especially note, if the color is dark yellow, the sapodilla must have been soaked in iron powder, dangerously pressed chemicals.

  • Bark

Don't count on sapodillas with a beautiful, spotless glossy skin. Because those are chemically soaked fruits.
Delicious ripe sapodilla will have a non-slippery, slightly rough skin, thin skin and a little sand.

  • Size and shape

The ideal size of a well-ripened sapodilla is about 6cm-8cm. Oval shape, and elongated, if you choose round fruit will contain more fiber and seeds.

In addition, the stalk can be observed. If the fruit is ripe and old, the stem of the sapodilla will be slightly curved, while the unripe fruit will stick to the fruit.

There are many characteristics that help to choose delicious sapodilla by eye.
There are many characteristics that help to choose delicious sapodilla by eye.

After observing, feel it by gently squeezing the sapodilla. Delicious ripe fruit will be soft evenly, without any callous feeling.

Choose fruits that are firm and heavy in the hand. These are definitely succulent berries.

However, do not choose too soft fruit, because it is possible that the fruit is overripe or crushed. These fruits will spoil quickly, ferment easily and have a sour taste.


Ripe sapodilla will emit a characteristic aroma, gentle and sweet, mixed with distilled smell.


Delicious sapodilla fruit will bring a gentle sweetness that melts in the mouth, especially the smooth sand, not too rough.

Sapodillas that have a bitter sweet or fermented sour taste are those that are soaked or overripe.

Besides, you can also use taste, smell and touch to choose.
Besides, you can also use taste, smell and touch to choose.

How to quickly ripen sapodilla at home.


First, it is necessary to soak in clean water to clean the chalk on the sapodilla surface. Then, pat dry with a soft cloth and wipe gently, avoiding scratching or crushing the fruit.

Next, take it out to dry in the sun. Place sapodilla in a jar or jar, burn incense and put it in a bowl, then put it inside, cover tightly.


The weather is a bit cold, so bamboo baskets lined with leaves or dry cloth will be used to incubate sapodilla. Burn incense around, then cover with thick cloth to keep warm. Sapodilla will ripen after about 3 days and have a very characteristic aroma.

Lime water

Use lime water in about 2-3% to soak sapodilla for about 1 - 1.5 hours. Sapodilla will be removed all white pus. Next, gently wipe the sapodilla to dry. Finally, put sapodilla into jars, jars, etc. made of crockery, close the lid and burn incense. About 3 days later, sapodilla will be ripe.

Incense smoke

Place neem leaves, straw or newspapers in the bottom of the carton. Then, place sapodilla in turn in the box, so that all the fruits receive the same amount of heat from the incense. Next, light some incense sticks and place them in the center of the barrel, then close the lid tightly. Wait about 2-3 days for sapodilla to ripen.

Using incense smoke will help sapodilla incubation time faster. If no incense is used, sapodilla will ripen after 3-5 days, depending on the number of fruits.

Note, it is recommended to take out the ripe fruits and exchange the fruits in the box after 2-3 days for the fruits to ripen simultaneously.

Brewing delicious ripe sapodilla at home is not difficult.
Brewing delicious ripe sapodilla at home is not difficult.

How to eat sapodilla properly?

Do not eat unripe sapodilla

Because at this time, sapodilla contains a lot of tannins that create acrid taste. It will be dangerous for people with digestive problems, constipation, etc.

Do not eat too much sapodilla

To avoid allergic reactions, rashes, hives or swelling of the throat.

When taking medications, consult your doctor

Because sapodilla can reduce the effect of drugs due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Don't eat when hungry

To avoid stomach problems due to more secretion of gastric juice.

Do not eat with crabs

If you don't want to have diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain or worse, stones in your stomach.

Do not eat if you are diabetic or obese

Because sapodilla has a lot of calories, it will help the body replenish energy very quickly.

Do not eat sapodilla of unknown origin

To avoid the risk of poisoning.

What month is sapodilla season?

The sapodilla has 2 seasons in a year: the apricot crop and the crop season.

The lunar calendar lasts from May to September. Although the yield is less than the crop, the sapodilla in the season possesses a richer, more delicate flavor.

The crop lasts from October to April of the next lunar year. In the crop season, sapodilla will be very fruitful, high yield, large, succulent fruit.

Where to buy delicious and clean sapodilla?

Come to ROOTS to enjoy shopping with peace of mind.
Come to ROOTS to enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

It is a delicious and nutritious fruit with a lot of flavor Abundant nutrients, with great health benefits. However, sapodilla is also one of the most chemically used fruits.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn and choose a reputable place to buy delicious, clean and quality sapodilla. If you are wondering, come to ROOTS.

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