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Recently, on the Vietnamese seedling market, a special giant sapodilla appeared. This is a very large fruit variety, as the name suggests. Because of this, this type of sapodilla is quite expensive. It attracts a lot of farmers to choose to grow crops. Although this new type of sapodilla has a very high retail price, there are times when this item is scarce and consumers want to try it. The following invites you to follow along to know more about this giant super-sized Sapoche fruit and the benefits it brings. How you can find and buy this special sapodilla fruit. Explore the article with Roots below!

Super giant sapodilla
Giant sapodilla fruit is usually 30-35cm tall after maturity.

Where did the Super Giant Siamese come from?

The sapodilla tree is also known by another name, the giant Sapoche or the giant fallen sapodilla. This is a plant imported from Thailand, so some people also call it Thai sapodilla. In terms of characteristics, this is a country with a climate quite similar to Vietnam. Therefore, the seed for the harvest time is quite fast. As for the super-giant sapoche, after only 2 years of planting, the tree begins to bear fruit. Especially this sapodilla fruit gives fruit all year round.

In Vietnam today, there are many places that have grown and harvested this fruit. This shows that sapodilla is completely suitable for the climate and soil of our country. This cultivar promises a lot of economic potential for the people.

Characteristics of the Giant Siamese

The giant sapodilla is a woody plant. The tree has a maximum height of about 15-30 meters. Giant sapodilla variety reaches its maximum height after about 10 years of growth. This depends on soil and climatic conditions.

The trunk can be up to 60cm in diameter. The plant with milky white sap inside is similar to the common sapodilla that everyone knows. However, the leaves of this sapodilla variety are large, thick and have a length of 30-35cm. Leaves are dark green. Leaf tips gourd and extend toward petioles.

Siamese rose is milky white. Flowers grow in clusters around the stem and branches. In particular, the giant sapodilla fruit is different from the common sapodilla. They have an oval shape that is quite similar to a mango. The outer bark is brown and slightly rough with veins. It is a giant fruit (Sapoche) with a fairly large weight. Some fruits can reach 2 kg. The flesh is deeply mixed, the flesh is bright red, the taste is very sweet and delicious. In terms of value, sapodilla fruit is very nutritious and good for the digestive system. Perhaps because of the color characteristics of the fruit, it is named like red-fleshed sapodilla.

Super giant sapodilla
The super-large sapodilla fruit has soft, bright red flesh and has a sweet taste.

Nutritional Value And Effects Of Giant Sapodilla Fruit

Super giant sapodilla fruit has a lot of nutritional value. It is not out of curiosity that many people want to try and discover this fruit. They also have nutritional values and good health effects. Therefore, this fruit is often chosen by many families to buy.

Nutritional value of giant sapodilla

The giant sapodilla fruit not only has a beautiful shape, but also has a special delicious taste. This fruit has been studied by domestic scientists and discovered a lot of nutrients.

It contains many healthy nutrients. In particular, the content of vitamin A in this new type of sapodilla is 1.5 times higher than that of common sapodilla.

There are also other nutrients such as minerals 3 times higher than regular apricots. The nutritional components such as iron and magnesium found in red-fleshed sapodilla are also very high. Especially high fiber content provides energy and good nutrients to help the body stay healthy and increase endurance.

Therefore, using sapodilla fruit will help the body have a healthy digestive system. Helps the body prevent bad complications and strengthen resistance.

The effect of super large sapodilla 

With excellent nutritional values, this giant super-sized Sapoche fruit has obvious effects.

  • Replenish necessary energy for the body.
  • Prevents constipation and diarrhea.
  • Anti-depressants and diseases related to insomnia, anxiety.
  • Element Vitamin A good for eyes. Helps keep eyes healthy.
  • Element Calcium Helps build strong and healthy bones.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
  • In particular, the high antioxidants in giant sapodilla are higher than in other fruits. Helps prevent cancer when used properly and sensibly.
Super giant sapodilla
The giant sapodilla fruit is large and round and has a strong aroma. show.

How to Choose to Buy a Giant Siamese?

If you want to choose delicious red sapodilla fruit. You should choose the fruits with a dark yellow brown color.

These are the fruits that are picked by the grower while they are ripening on the tree. Do not buy fruits with pale yellow skin mixed with green. When separating the fruit, there is a white plastic part. These are young fruits, eating will be awkward and acrid.

In addition, you can choose delicious sapodilla fruit based on their scent when ripe. When you smell it, you will feel a light aroma. Sometimes there is an earthy smell because that is the characteristic aroma of giant sapodilla. The flesh of sapodilla fruit is soft, sweet, smooth, melts in the mouth, eaten very fresh. The flesh of the red sapodilla fruit is often very succulent and has a very clear cool taste.

Pickled fruit has a strong sweet taste, or overripe sapodilla, when eaten, will be burned, the sour taste of wine due to fermentation. You should prioritize choosing large, medium-sized and plump sapodilla fruits. They are delicious and less fibrous than round fruits. Older fruit has a slightly raised stem, while young fruit has a stalk attached to the fruit. Or when sapodilla is ripe, you can compare fruits of the same size, so choosing a heavier fruit will be tastier and sweeter.

Where to buy delicious persimmons?

Currently, sapodilla is very popular in the Vietnamese market due to its good price and quality. The price of sapodilla on the market today is from 70,000 to 80,000 VND / kg.

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