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Thai mango is a green fruit mango variety imported from Thailand and is now widely grown in the South of Vietnam. With its characteristic flavor, Thai mango is very popular and gives high yield. How much is the price of Thai green mango 2022 today? What are the benefits of eating mango? Let's take a look through this article.

Features of Thai mango – How much does Thai mango cost?

Thai mango trees have dark green leaves, long leaves, often difficult to flower in natural conditions. In Thailand as well as in Vietnam, growth inhibition must be applied Paclobutrazol then the tree will flower. 

The skin of Thai mangoes is dark green and very thick. The rate of mango fruiting is high, when the tree is 5 years old, it can give a yield of 60-70kg/tree. The average weight of the fruit is from 350g - 450g/fruit. 

What is the price of Thai mango today?
What is the price of Thai mango today?

Thai mango fruit has the characteristics of long round, slightly curved at the end, dark green skin can be eaten green, ripe is great. Thai mango is suitable for growing in tropical areas, especially suitable for our country's climate. This is one of the crops with high economic value, bringing good income to farmers.

This Thai mango variety has thick flesh, flat seeds, and small seeds. Sweet mango taste, strong aroma, little sour. Even when eating green, you will also feel a slight sweetness, so this mango can be eaten ripe or still green.

Health benefits of Thai mango

Mangoes in general or Thai mangoes are of great value compared to many other fruits. An interesting way to enjoy is to slice mango into thin slices soaked in sugar, crunchy, sweet and sour salt. Mango is not only an effective source of Vitamin C but also has many other uses.

- Green Thai mango contains a large amount of vitamin C, which supports better calcium absorption. This essential nutrient can help your body fight inflammation and reduce your risk of blood-related diseases. In addition, it also promotes the creation of new blood cells. Especially iron absorption and prevention of bleeding gums.

Good for pregnant women: With high iron content, Thai mango is a great fruit for pregnant women and people with anemia. However, it is still advisable to consult a doctor for the right amount of mango consumption.

Health benefits of Thai mango
Health benefits of Thai mango

Cure indigestion and constipation: If the acid in the stomach is not stable, you can eat green mango because it has the effect of curing digestive disorders thanks to its rich fiber content. Thai mango is also effective in treating constipation. You can mix Thai mango with a little honey, salt with mango and eat weekly to prevent digestive disorders.

- Good for the liver: Green Thai mango contains a lot of iron, which helps to keep the liver healthy. Regularly eating a moderate amount of green Thai mango can also clear intestinal infections.

What is the price of Thai green mango today?

Do you intend to buy Thai mango to enjoy? But do not know the current price of green Thai mango 2022? 

Crispy sweet Thai mango is grown a lot in Vietnam. The price of Thai mangoes is from 30,000 to 40,000 VND/kg. The price of small Thai mangoes is only 15,000 - 20,000 VND/kg.

Where to buy good mango?
Where to buy good mango?

The secret to choosing delicious Thai mango – How much is the current price of Thai mango?

Mango is fruit It is rich in vitamins A, C, and D and is loved by many people. Thai mango is available all year round, but many people still use toxic chemicals to promote plant growth, prolong wilting, Imported fruit low quality. Therefore, you need to immediately grasp the secret of choosing this delicious fresh mango.

Choose Thai mango through the skin

The price of Thai mango is not too high, but to choose a good mango, many factors need to be considered. To choose a delicious Thai mango, you should pay attention to the mango skin

Should choose mango with even skin color, tight skin, no roughness, no tiny bruises. The mango flesh is on the hard stalk, not soft. The stem is slightly sunken into the flesh.

Mangoes with uneven color, stems or wilting and small black spots on the fruit should not be purchased. Because the mangoes are often ripe, chemically ripened, often have a sour or bland taste.

With Thai green mango, you should choose hard fruits, the outer skin has white chalk. Especially the dark green skin because these are delicious fruits. As for the green but soft mangoes are young picked, pale, not delicious, mango flesh is soft.

Where to buy delicious Thai mango?
Where to buy delicious Thai mango?

Choose mangoes by scent

Natural fresh ripe mangoes and no preservatives will have a strong sweet aroma, with essential oils. When the mango is ripe, you will smell the characteristic aroma of the mango.

For ripe mangoes that do not have an unnatural or chemical smell, you absolutely should not choose.

Choose mangoes by hardness

When choosing a mango, gently squeeze it with your hand. Natural ripe mango will have a certain firmness, firm hand. When pressed, it is not crushed, the mango flesh is flexible, the stem is hard, not soft.

When choosing Thai mango, you should not choose mango that is too soft, overripe, not crispy, it will not taste good.

How much is the price of Thai green mango 2022 today? Where to buy delicious Thai mango?

Because the demand for Thai mangoes is very high, there are still many traders who have sold poor quality to the market. To avoid buying poor quality Thai mango, you should buy it from reputable places. Especially the stores of food or clean agricultural products to ensure quality, without pesticides and chemicals. If you want to buy quality Thai mango, come to ROOTS.

ROOTS is selling Thai mangoes, Hoa Loc mango quality in store. In addition, ROOTS also sells clean vegetables, Organic food – great products for your whole family

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Hopefully through this article you know the current price of Thai mangoes? Please contact ROOTS immediately for advice and buy Thai mango at the best price today!



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