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If you pass through Tien Giang, you will surely remember forever the taste of sweet and pleasant sweet mango, a nutrient-rich fruit that is worth enjoying. However, you won't need to go all the way down to Tien Giang, but you can buy Hoa Loc mangoes in Ho Chi Minh City in just a few minutes. Stop for a few minutes to read and find the right place to buy!

The origin of this wonderful variety of Hoa Loc Type 1 sand mango 

The first mango tree was planted in the land named Hoa Loc, Giao Duc district of Dinh Tuong province (up to now, it has become Hoa Hung, Cai Be, Tien Giang communes) but still called by the people with the name. over the years is "Hoa Loc sand mango". 

Here, there are standard mango growing gardens Vietgap, Globalgap helps bring quality, delicious and especially clean mangoes, ensuring health for people to enjoy. 

This is also the fruit that ranks in the top of fruits exported to the world and is highly praised by international friends and used every day. 

Origin of Hoa Loc type 1 sand mango variety
The land of Tien Giang has given birth to a fruit that makes many people eat and stay awake

Identifying characteristics of Cat Hoa Loc mango type 1 in HCMC

If you notice the following characteristics, you are already holding a delicious fruit in your hand: 

  • Outer appearance: The fruit is oblong, rounded at the stem, pointed at the top, the left pharynx is clearly visible, the peel is thin and has a white powder coating on the outside. When ripe, the skin will be bright yellow. 
  • The flesh of the fruit is firm, smooth, low in fiber, flexible 
  • Taste: Characteristic mild aroma, sweet taste, Brix degree 17 - 19 %

There are sand mangoes of type 1 and type 2 because of the division by size and shape on the outside of the fruit. Depending on each gardener, there will be different prices for grade 1 and type 2 mangoes. And when returning to Ho Chi Minh City, there will also be different prices. 

Typically, there will be a size breakdown as follows: 

Characteristics  Hoa Loc sandblasting grade 1  Hoa Loc sandblasting type 2
Weight 500 – 650g 300 – 450g
Longs 12cm – 15cm 10cm – 14cm

These two types of mango usually have a price difference from 30,000 VND to 60,000 VND. 

Identifying characteristics of Cat Hoa Loc mango type 1 in HCMC
Just look once and you will discover and remember this fruit with the characteristic shape of the sand mango

The effect of buying Hoa Loc sand mango in HCMC

Buying Hoa Loc mangoes in Ho Chi Minh City will bring you and your family a lot of health benefits: 

  • Good for people with heart diseaseThanks to the abundant amount of pectin, vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium, it helps to limit the effects of blood vessels and protect heart health.
  • Brain support: Provides glutamine acid, vitamin B6, ... helps to improve memory, rapid development, anti-aging. 
  • Improves digestion: Contains many enzymes that effectively decompose protein, abundant fiber to improve absorption and improve digestion. 
  • Good for skin: Many vitamins and nutrients help to effectively care for the skin, smooth and shiny skin
  • Effective anti-cancer: Thanks to the antioxidants in mango, it helps to maintain ideal blood pressure and prevent cancer. 

What could be better than eating as much as you want and being healthy. When I heard it, I wanted to rush to buy 1kg to eat immediately. 

Mango effects on the body
Hoa Loc sand mango with many nutritional components has been studied very well for the health of the whole body

How much is the price of grade 1 sand mango? Buy Hoa Loc sand mango in HCMC where? 

Have you heard that you already want to enjoy this special mango right away? However, I don't know how much this mango is on the market? 

The actual number is from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND for 1kg of original mango. 

Because it is an extremely delicious mango, it is difficult to avoid some places where they pretend to be this Hoa Loc sand mango and have a relatively low price compared to the market. Therefore, you need to choose carefully. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the fruit, ensuring no preservatives. 

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to ROOTS store, which is famous for selling clean vegetables and clean fruits at very good prices. This store has been known for a long time in this Saigon land, 99% customers have given very positive feedback from the service attitude to each finished product. 

The price of Hoa Loc sand mango grade 1 at ROOTS is 119,000 VND, very reasonable! BUY NOW HERE

Where to buy Hoa Loc sand mango in HCMC? 

If you like it, you have to move immediately, buy Hoa Loc sand mango in Ho Chi Minh City, go immediately, stop by ROOTS immediately. Don't let others choose all of them. 


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