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Red cherries must be no stranger to fruit enthusiasts, especially imported fruits. Not only because of the delicious, beautiful taste, but also because of the great benefits for health. But do you know how to distinguish and choose the best red cherries? See now!

Despite the high price, cherries are always popular, why?

Red cherries are compared to the "fruit king", always one of the imported fruits with a very high price. Cherry is really expensive but it is worth it, because the process of growing, caring, harvesting, preserving and transporting requires high technology, advanced technology, and is extremely expensive.

Besides, it is not natural that imported cherries are always recommended by doctors to use regularly, because High nutritional content, contains many valuable nutrients, supports the prevention and effective treatment of diseases.

Red cherries have high nutritional content and are good for health
Red cherries have high nutritional content and are good for health

Regulating blood pressure

Thanks to the presence of phenolic acids, cherries are even said by Professor Karen Keane to have the same effect as drugs for treating high blood pressure.

Reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack

The risk of cerebrovascular accident is reduced by 37% when eating cherries regularly, and the risk of heart attack is reduced by 23%.

Strengthens resistance and good for eyes.

Possessing a special vitamin - Benta carotene, which effectively supports the immune system, rejuvenates the skin as well as improves eyesight.

Prevent aging.

Red cherries have the ability to prevent free radicals as well as the skin aging process, as cherries contain impressive levels of vitamins A and C, 20 times more than blueberries and strawberries.

Improve sleep.

Contains the hormone that helps stabilize sleep effectively, the hormone melatonin. Therefore, cherries are a close "companion" for those who have insomnia or trouble sleeping.

Prevent cancer, good for the brain.

The rich antioxidant content in cherries helps to overcome forgetfulness and enhance memory. Besides, there is also the possibility prevent cancer risk or damage to cells.

Extremely good for pregnant women.

In particular, red cherries are also considered the number 1 fruit for pregnant women. Helps supplement essential nutrients for fetal development such as iron, vitamins of all kinds, calcium, ..

How many types of red cherries are there? Tips to distinguish imported cherries

In the world today, there are many different cherry varieties, each with its own unique characteristics, from taste, size, shape to color, etc. Red cherries in particular, can be classified. based on 2 ways:

Sort by country.

Some popular cherries in Vietnam are imported from the following countries:

Australian Cherry.
  • Color: crimson
  • Taste: sweet, fragrant and crispy, not hard meat.
  • Season: October - February.
  • Famous varieties: Mercan and Sweetheart
Australian Cherry
Australian Cherry
American Cherry.
  • Color: dark red both skin and flesh.
  • Taste: bold sweet, firm, fragrant and crispy.
  • Season: May - August.
  • Famous varieties: Bing, Chelan, Rainier, Skeena, Sweetheart, Tieton.
American Cherry
American Cherry.
New Zealand Cherry.
  • Color: darker red than Australian cherries
  • Taste: Crispy sweet, fragrant, succulent.
  • Season: November - February.
  • Famous varieties: Bing, Lapin.
New Zealand Cherry.
New Zealand Cherry.
Chilean cherries.
  • Color: bright red.
  • Taste: pale, slightly sour, tender flesh.
  • Season: November - February.
Chilean Cherry
Chilean cherries.
Chinese Cherry.
  • Color: bright red.
  • Taste: slightly sour, hard flesh.
  • Season: May - August.
Chinese Cherry
Chinese Cherry.

Sort by taste.

Sour cherries.
  • Characteristics: small size, slightly soft, quite sour taste. Compared to sweet cherries, sour cherries contain fewer calories and more vitamin C.
  • Typical varieties: Early Richmond, English Morello, Montmorency.
  • Use: ingredients for cakes, jams, sauces, juices, etc.
Bright red sour cherries, soft flesh, small fruit
Bright red sour cherries, soft flesh, small fruit.
Sweet cherries.
  • Characteristics: sweet and crunchy, heart-shaped, large in size, dark red and firmer than sour cherries.
  • Typical varieties: Bing, Chelan, Lapins, Tulare, Lambert, Van, Sweetheart.
  • Use: eat directly, make ice cream, yogurt, salad, jam, ...
Sweet cherries are large, dark red and firmer than sour cherries
Sweet cherries are larger, darker red and firmer than sour cherries.

How to choose the best and best quality cherries?

Please note the following 3 criteria to make it easier to choose delicious cherries.

  • Stem: bright green, not broken or dark.
  • Color: dark red or light depending on the type you want, but it must be fresh, not bruised or bruised.
  • The shell: stretchy, bright, smooth, not dirty and near the stem without wrinkles, when touching, it feels firm.

If there are light brown spots on the red cherries, don't worry because this is where the sugar concentration of the sweet cherries is concentrated. In particular, it is advisable to capture and buy cherries in the right season to ensure fresh quality, less worry about poor quality goods, as well as save more costs.

How to properly store cherries?

  • Before storing, do not wash cherries to limit moisture, causing mold damage and soft waterlogging. Only wash before eating.
  • At a suitable temperature of 0 - 5 degrees Celsius, cherry can be preserved for 4-10 days.
  • Store at room temperature, need to be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and places where the temperature is too high.
  • To preserve the full flavor, care should be taken not to mix cherries with foods that have a strong odor.
  • If you have too many cherries, you can wash, drain, separate the seeds and freeze in a sealed plastic bag, vacuum if possible, will preserve red cherries for 10-12 months.
  • If you do not like to freeze, you can also dry or make jam to use longer and still retain the nutrients.
Store cherries properly to preserve their full flavor and nutrition
Store cherries properly to preserve their full flavor and nutrition.

Where to buy red cherries to ensure quality?

Besides the criteria for selecting delicious cherries above, the most important thing is to find a reputable and quality cherry supplier such as: supermarkets, reliable imported fruit shops, etc. to avoid "losing money" bring" because I bought cheap cherries of poor quality.

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