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Cherry is a very popular fruit with delicious taste and especially the great nutritional value that it brings. However, many people still confuse cherry with other fruits. Or don't even know what a cherry is? Let's learn about what a cherry is, along with the origin of cherries and where are cherries grown, what color?

What is a cherry?

Cherries are also known as cherries. This is a woody, branched, perennial tree with a height of up to 10m.

The trunk of the cherry tree is silver-gray, the wood is very hard. Cherry tree leaves are dark green, oval in shape, pointed and thin towards the top. The edges of the leaves are serrated and the veins are prominent. The leaves of the cherry are quite similar to the leaves of the acorn plant. Cherry blossoms are pinkish-white, sometimes dark pink. The five-petaled flower looks like a lily and usually blooms all year round.

Cherries grow in clusters on long stalks and sway in the wind. What color are cherries? The cherries are originally green. When ripe, it is berry red, yellow or black. The diameter of the cherry is about 2.5cm.

Cherries have a sweet taste, glossy skin, sweet crunchy, rich taste. The fragrance is mild and the hazelnuts are not sticky. Cherry is known as a super nutritious fruit and only needs to be eaten once to remember forever.

Juicy red cherries
Juicy red cherries

What is a cherry? Where are cherries grown?

Cherry is kind fruit It is grown mainly in temperate regions, and requires about 200-1500 hours of dormancy. However, cherries need a lot of sun to achieve the best color, as well as flavor. Cherry harvest season is from May to August. And in some other special areas it is November.

The cherry tree is very fruity, the color stands out on the green leaf background, which is very beautiful. Cherries are often used in coctai and ice cream cakes. In addition, you can also buy to buy make cherry jam interesting. 

What is a cherry and why is it so expensive?

What is a cherry that is so expensive and what color is it? The fact that cherries are considered difficult to grow, the price is also for this reason, not cheap at all.

When picking cherries, it is easy to lose stems, mold, rot, and distortion. And especially to transport to other countries is not easy, cherries need to be preserved very carefully.

People often say that cherries are very expensive. All due to the shipping fee. And cherries don't have to be shipped 10 to eat all 10. Long shipping time, will cause many cherries to be damaged. 

Cherry is a very popular fruit. Learn about cherries now!
Cherry is a very popular fruit. Learn about cherries now!

Therefore, when returning to Vietnam, the price of cherry is much higher. The more delicious the cherry, the higher the price, and the greater the risk, the less profit. 

That's why many people now import chemically soaked cherries to stay fresh, cherries of unknown origin to increase profits.

If you want to buy standard delicious cherries, you should go to reputable imported fruit stores to avoid buying poor quality and unsafe products.

What is a cherry and the use of cherry do you know or not?

Increases resistance

What are the benefits of cherries? for the body? If you learn about cherries, you will know that cherries are rich in antioxidants. And thanks to that, it helps to prevent the formation of free radicals caused by inflammation, smoking, environmental pollution or radiation rays...

Thanks to their antioxidant properties, cherries are recognized in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases related to oxidation.

The use of cherries do you know or not?
The use of cherries do you know or not?

Has the ability to prevent cancer and lower blood pressure

Phenolic compounds extracted from the fruit cherries reported to inhibit tumor growth.

Therefore, regular consumption of this cherries can reduce the inflammatory process, thereby preventing cancer. Especially because cherries have the ability to inhibit tumor growth and help reduce blood pressure due to the amount of polyphenols high.

What is a cherry that helps improve sleep from cherry

Cherry contains melatoninThis is a hormone that regulates sleep. As a result, it can help regulate and control the biological clock. One study showed that when drinking about 240 ml of cherry juice in the morning or 1–2 hours before bed, it increased the time to fall asleep and slept more deeply.

Improve memory

What is cherries and why helps to enhance memory? Anthocyanins are substances that give cherries red in color. This substance is associated with thinking and memory. Cherries have been shown to help improve memory and language. Especially in people with mild Alzheimer's.

Learn about cherries - Where to buy quality cherries?
Learn about cherries – Where to buy quality cherries?

The skin and hair benefits of cherries

The vitamins, minerals, and especially antioxidants in cherries will help keep hair shiny and healthy. Vitamin C of cherries also increases collagen production to help skin become brighter, more elastic and effectively prevent wrinkles.

What is a cherry that helps in weight loss?

The calories in cherries are very small, mainly water, vitamins and minerals. The juice from cherries will help the body to be full for longer. In addition, it also increases metabolism to help support effective weight loss.

What is a cherry? Where to buy quality cherries?

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