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Although pomelos are favored by the Vietnamese market; But when it comes to this type of pomelo, many people still do not understand the origin of its name. So what are you waiting for without reading Roots's article below; for more interesting information about this famous 5 roi pomelo variety.

Why is it called five-rod pomelo?

If the North has Doan Hung pomelo, the Central region has Thanh Tra pomelo; The famous delicious pomelo variety in the South cannot fail to mention the Nam Roi pomelo.

What is 5 whip pomelo?

Grapefruit 5 roi is one of the famous specialties of Vinh Long city; originated from My Hoa commune, Binh Minh district. This is considered a rich alluvial land of Hau and Tra rivers; combined with extremely favorable weather conditions, for the growth and development of this pomelo variety.

According to some ancient documents, this pomelo variety was discovered by Mr. Tran Van Buoi (1918 - 1990), from Mai Dam village, now in Phu Huu A commune, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang.

Five Roi Grapefruit is a special grapefruit variety that is loved by many people
Five Roi Grapefruit is a special grapefruit variety that is loved by many people

Mr. Buoi was a merchant by the river, when he stopped in Tan Chau; he found a strange fruit by the river. This fruit has green skin, red and yellow flesh, sweet and succulent, so he sowed in Phu Huu.

Why is this pomelo variety named “five whips”?

The story of the origin of the name of this grapefruit variety; has been handed down by the people of Binh Minh district for many years. The content mainly revolves around the warning of Mr. Buoi.

Because it was a precious tree, he had it guarded and put up a fence around it to protect it. At the same time, he threatened to give 5 whips if anyone dared to destroy or steal. That is why the people here; Named this special pomelo variety "Nam Roi".

It is not natural that pomelos have become famous nationwide. This grapefruit is rich in vitamin C (52%) and vitamin A (23%). It helps strengthen the body's resistance and protects the body from external agents. In addition, this grapefruit variety contains a large amount of fiber equivalent to 1.6 grams, 10 grams of calcium, 0.1 grams of fat, 7 grams of sugar, 0.8 grams of protein, 7 grams of sugar, ...; These are all important minerals, and very good for health. .

Price of pomelos in five roi

Grapefruit 5 whip has good quality, rich in nutrients, is "hunted" by many people. Therefore, the price of this fruit is also slightly higher; compared with other common pomelo varieties. Currently, the price of this type of pomelo is about 42,000 VND/kg.

This special pomelo variety is priced at about 42,000 VND/kg
This special pomelo variety is priced at about 42,000 VND/kg

How to choose 5 whip pomelo

If you want to buy the original pomelo, you must first pay attention to the shape of the pomelo.

Grapefruit has a pear-shaped shape, thin green skin, then turns yellow when ripe. There are spines on the peel, if the nodules are large and even, it means that the pomelo is old; In contrast, young pomelos will have rather small spines. In addition, you can check the quality of the pomelo by gently tapping it with your hand, if you hear a "click" sound, it is definitely a delicious grapefruit.

The next step to choose a good pomelo is to observe the pomelo stalks. A good grapefruit will have a fresh pomelo stalk, whereas if the stem is wilted or blackened, the pomelo is delicious because it has been picked for a long time.

Grapefruit has a characteristic sweet taste
Grapefruit has a characteristic sweet taste

After you have looked closely at the outside of the grapefruit, pay attention to its weight. Five-rod pomelo has a weight of not less than 1kg.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the taste of grapefruit. This is considered a characteristic feature of this grapefruit variety in the hearts of users. When eaten, grapefruit has a characteristic sweet, slightly sour and succulent taste.


Grapefruit five roi is indeed a fruit that knows how to please the taste buds of diners. You can eat it directly or make grapefruit juice, both are very delicious and nutritious. Hope the information I share has helped you better understand this special grapefruit variety. If you have a need to buy quality pomelos or other types Organic fruit other; please contact Roots today you guys!


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