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Cherry is the most popular imported fruit because of its delicious taste, eye-catching color and beautiful shape. Roots invites you to discover interesting things and 7 irresistible delicacies from imported fresh cherries!

Interesting facts about cherries

The origin.

Science name Prunus avium
Plant family Rosaceae
Type of tree Stems perennial, cannot self-pollinate.
Height 5.5 – 10 meters
Time to start planting 600 BC
Origin Temperate climates such as Western Asia and Eastern Europe

This was a very popular fruit in ancient times in Egypt, Rome and Greece. Around the sixteenth century, cherries began to be introduced to Europe and then to America, becoming the most popular fruit in America and other countries around the world. Cherries are so loved that there is a "Cherry Capital of the World" located in Traverse City, Michigan, and each year the National Cherry Festival is held to honor it.

Cherry is the most popular fruit
Cherry is the most popular fruit.

Where are the most grown cherries?


With 43,550 tons of cherries per year, Turkey has been reported to have the highest production of fresh cherries. Anotalia is the place where the most cherries are grown in Turkey, cherries in this region are also the best quality with rich sweetness, crispy flesh and small seeds.

Turkey has the highest production of fresh cherries
Turkey has the highest production of fresh cherries.

There are up to 6/10 countries in Europe such as: Greece. Italy, Romania, Spain, etc. are listed in the top 10 countries providing the largest amount of fresh cherries.

6/10 European countries are in the top 10 with the highest cherry production
Six out of 10 European countries are in the top 10 with the highest cherry production.

The US has a lot of cherry growing areas, which can be mentioned in places that excel in quantity with famous and delicious cherry varieties such as: Michigan, California, Oregon, Washington, etc. In particular, there is also a Lambert cherry variety specialized for production. produces fine wines, grown in northwestern Montana, east of Flathead Lake. The excellent quality of American cherries is unquestionable.

The US has many cherry growing regions with excellent cherry varieties
The United States has many cherry growing regions with excellent cherry varieties.

As the location of the "Cherry Capital of the World" - Traverse, Michigan, with its annual cherry festival and the largest cherry cakes in the world, it would be remiss not to mention Canada. Cherries in Canada are rated by many as having a delicious quality beyond imagination.

Cherry in Canada delicious beyond imagination
Cherry in Canada delicious beyond imagination.

Cherry planting density in Australia is almost all the states, except for a few territories in the north. Australia is famous for cherry varieties grown in the island of Tasmania with extremely favorable soil and climate, bringing extremely delicious cherries.

Australia is famous for cherry varieties grown in the island of Tasmania
Australia is famous for cherry varieties grown on the island of Tasmania.

What month is cherry season?

Cherry is a seasonal fruit, not all year round. Depending on each country with its own climate, soil and tree variety, the cherry season in each country will be different. Capture the season of cherries, help you shop more economically and ensure better quality.

Nation Cherry season
Australia December, 1, 2
America May, June, 7, 8, 9
Canada July, August, September
New Zealand November, December, 1, 2
Chile November, December, 1, 2, 3, 4

Why are cherries so expensive?

Fresh cherries imported to Vietnam are always quite expensive compared to other fruits, due to:

Modern technology and equipment.

Usually fruiting after winter, but cherry trees can only withstand temperatures in the range of 0-7 degrees Celsius, so it is necessary to provide water and nutrients to help the tree overcome the cold winter, avoiding affecting the flowering process.

High labor costs.

Growing and caring for cherries requires high technology, along with extensive experience to limit risks caused by weather, temperature, climate, and other harmful organisms, to ensure production and quality.

Harvest and transportation costs.

Cherry is a thin-skinned fruit with soft, succulent flesh, so the process of harvesting and transporting requires high technology to minimize crushing. In particular, after picking from the tree, cherries are very susceptible to mold damage, stem loss, are sensitive to the environment, temperature and difficult to maintain. In cold storage, they are only fresh for about 10 days, so they need to be transported by fire. speed to ensure quality.

Cherry has a high price tag but it's worth a try
Cherry is pricey but well worth the effort.

The nutritional content and wonderful uses of cherries.

100g of cherry flesh contains nutritional content.

Calories 72g
Protein 1.2g
Fat 0.96g
Fiber 0.4g
Calcium 15mg
Iron 0.39mg
Zinc 0.06g
Copper 0.095mg
Thiamine (B1) 0.05mg
Niacin (B3) 0.4mg

Great health benefits.

  • Antioxidants limit free radicals, preventing aging.
  • Amount of vitamin A in 1 cherry = 20 blueberries and strawberries.
  • Strengthens the immune system and eyesight.
  • Leaves skin bright, smooth and full of life.
  • Supports deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Helps stabilize the heart, lower cholesterol.
  • Control sugar levels, prevent diabetes.
  • Reduce joint pain and risk of gout.
Cherry has high nutritional content, very good for health
Cherry has high nutritional content, very good for health.

Immediately save 7 irresistible delicious dishes from imported fresh cherries.

Because of the characteristic that they cannot be preserved for too long, processing imported fresh cherries into delicious dishes will help you and your family enjoy the great taste while keeping all the healthy substances such as: : Antioxidant, potassium, fiber, vitamins C, A, K.

Cherry jam.

Serve with bread or other cakes for a light breakfast or snack.

Cherry jam
Cherry jam.

Cherry cream.

The sweet, cool flavor will definitely help you cool down quickly.

Cherry ice cream
Cherry cream.

Dried cherries.

A great choice to use cherries during off-season, dried cherries can also be used as a topping for other delicious dishes.

Dried cherries
Dried cherries.

Cherry smoothie.

Extremely suitable for the team who are addicted to smoothies, both delicious and eye-catching, but also help to brighten the skin and look beautiful.

Cherry smoothie
Cherry smoothie.

Cherry cream cake.

What could be more wonderful than a cake decorated with luxurious, luscious red cherries?

Cherry cream cake
Cherry cream cake.

Cherry cocktails.

An interesting and pleasant break, eye-catching colors, unique flavors, sweet and sour of cherries combined with wines will make all your senses awaken immediately.

Cherry cocktail
Cherry cocktails.

Cherry pudding.

The wonderful combination of the fatty sweetness of eggs, milk and the sweet and sour taste of cherries helps balance the taste, contrasting red and white color and fresh aroma bring a perfect dessert.

Pudding cherry
Cherry pudding.

Notes when using cherries.

However, eating cherries too much or improperly will also lead to side effects and bad health effects. Remember the following things to enjoy more cherries with peace of mind!

  • Do not eat more than 200g / day, to avoid excess fiber causing bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, or absorbing too much sugar, causing fat storage.
  • Cherry seeds are poisonous, affect the respiratory system and are more dangerous than fatal, so care should be taken to avoid breaking or swallowing the seeds.
  • In particular, cherries are not recommended to be combined with a few foods such as:
Cucumber/ Cucumber. Contains enzymes that remove vitamin C.
Liver. Contains copper and iron that cause oxidation of vitamin C, reducing nutritional value.
Carrot. Contains ascorbate which reduces the effectiveness of vitamin C.

Where is the best quality imported fresh cherries?

It's not hard to buy cherries, even cheap cherries. Currently, cherries of poor quality, floating goods, even containing chemicals harmful to health, are sold widely in the market. To distinguish cherries by appearance is really difficult. So, be a smart consumer to protect the health of the whole family by choosing a store Imported fruit reputation.

Come to Roots to enjoy shopping with more than 6,000 quality items
Come to Roots to enjoy shopping with more than 6,000 quality items.

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