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Green-skinned avocado is currently a very popular fruit in the market of Vietnam and neighboring countries; because they are very nutritious and have extremely high export value. In addition to eating fresh fruit, you can make green wax butter into dishes that suit your taste like salad, vitamin, soups, etc. Diversity and style for your daily meals. With just one green wax butter smoothie; or eat wax butter cream that you can fully absorb the substances for the body. So what are the outstanding features of green wax butter? How to distinguish the green-skinned avocado tree and how are their shapes, round or long? Let's discover together with ROOTS right through the following article!

Avocado fruit tree with green skin
Green-skinned avocado, with its well-adapted characteristics, can be grown in any climate.

Green-skinned avocado and local farming

Green-skinned avocado tree is one of the popular fruits in the provinces located in the Central region and the Central Highlands. However, up to the present time; they have really been grown more and more widely in the western and northern provinces, etc. Not just a common fruit; Green waxed butter is highly appreciated by many farmers in terms of productivity as well as selling value. This is also the main reason why green wax butter appears more and more densely; in almost every province in the country.

Green avocado - A key food source with extremely high economic efficiency

From the 3rd year of planting, green avocado can yield about 30-50 kg/tree. More specifically, by the 4th year of farming, this number can increase a lot; and can produce several hundred kilograms per tree. Green-skinned avocados typically have an oval shape, a rounded tail, and a green rind quality. The pulp of the fruit is usually yellow, less fibrous; small particles. However, when the fruit ripens and comes the harvest season; the left intestine will automatically turn yellow, waxy and have a delicious, attractive greasy taste. Possessing not too much weight; because of that, green wax butter is very popular; and is consumed both at home and abroad.

Not only stopping there, green avocado also has a number of varieties that bear fruit all year round; and not according to certain seasons. Therefore, the yield and yield ratio of this variety will usually be approximately 1/200; with the usual main butters. In addition, the selling price is often quite different; so this is a fruit that is very popular with farmers.

Green wax butter is easy to grow and the harvest time is quite fast

Compared with other waxy avocados, green waxy avocado is an easy fruit to grow; and has the ability to produce delicious fruit naturally. After 2 years of cultivation, this waxy avocado was able to bear fruit. Combined with skillful grafting techniques; so the farmer has complete control over the seedling.

Not only that, because fully grafted; so this waxy butter still retains its inherent properties from the host tree; and equipped with the ability to adapt well to the surrounding environment. As a result, farmers can grow avocado trees in lowland areas; or places with hot and harsh climates in the southern provinces; without worrying about the weather affecting the crop yield.

Eat avocado fruit with green skin
Eating green skin avocado is a good way to ensure nutrients every day.

Rise on your own with good adaptability; Candlestick butter Green skin can completely be grown on any type of soil such as sandy loam, clay or heavy clay soil, etc. However, in order not to affect the viability of the plant as well as ensure the quality of the plant. the amount of avocado harvested later; should be selected and planted according to the density of ventilation and easy drainage; and choose rich lands Organic.

Avocado green skin and wide adaptability despite the weather

Green avocado is commented by many agricultural experts that this is a very suitable crop for regions with favorable soil conditions. Places with a cool, sunny climate like the provinces in the Central Highlands.

However, avocado green fruit fruit is now available in the northern region, specifically the provinces of Phu Tho, Moc Chau, .. usually harvest avocados in September or October. In the central provinces, a Some prominent areas famous for growing green waxy avocados are Quang Tri, harvested from August to October. Long Khanh district, and Dinh Quan district of Dong Nai province in the South, have an earlier harvest season around April – June.

As can be seen, this waxy avocado is a fruit with a year-round crop; and will often have time to bear fruit and harvest depending on certain climates. Not only that, with high productivity plus moderate cost; Therefore, green skin avocado is one of the potential foods of Vietnam when exporting to other countries.

Easy to grow, easy to care for
Green avocado is a fruit that is sure to bring extremely high yields.


With the above characteristics, it can be seen that planting long, round green waxy avocado fruit trees will definitely be an extremely attractive source of income for farmers. Potentially more profitable than other regular round waxes.

Through the information just shared, ROOTS hopes you will have more interesting knowledge about green waxy butter and the potential features that this plant brings.

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