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Surely everyone has once tried the Sapoche (Siamosa) smoothie. But do you know how to make delicious and nutritious Sapoche smoothie at home? Let's take the time to look through the following article to "pocket" the recipes for making coffee Sapoche smoothies; Sapo banana smoothie is delicious and attractive to you!

Nutritional value from Sapoche

Nutritional ingredients in sapodilla fruit
Nutritional ingredients in sapodilla fruit

High nutritional content

Sapoche smoothie is made from sapodilla fruit. The fruit is sweet, cool, refreshing, and laxative.

According to scientists, feces have been accumulated in each 100g of main sapo containing nutritional components including:

  • 83 mg calories;
  • 0.44 g protein;
  • 1.1 g fat;
  • 1.4 g fiber;
  • 21 mg calcium;
  • 0.8g iron

Along with many other vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, C help prevent fatigue and protect better quality sleep.

Drinking scientific standard Sapo smoothie brings health benefits

The benefits of sapoche smoothies
The benefits of sapoche smoothies

Every 100 grams of sapo contains 193 milligrams of potassium, a substance that can help lower blood pressure. If the body is provided with enough potassium will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Sapoche is also a rich source of tannins and polyphenols. These are good for the digestive tract, help eliminate waste and clean the stomach, reducing the risk of diarrhea.

With a natural sweetness, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, weak kidneys can comfortably enjoy this fruit flavor without worrying about excess sugar. In addition, the high content of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins helps prevent deficiency, deficiency of calcium and other minerals.

In particular, sapodilla has the effect of beautifying the skin and hair. Essential oils extracted from tree seeds soften and moisturize the hair. The vitamins E, C and antioxidants in sapodilla also nourish the skin from within. Helps you own smooth, healthy skin and slows down the aging process.

3 ways to make delicious Sapoche smoothie at home 

Traditional Sapoche Smoothie

Materials to be prepared are as follows:

Sapoche (an indispensable ingredient) 2 – 3 fruits
Non-sugar fresh milk 100 ml
Condensed milk 1-2 tablespoons
Rock Just enough to use

Preliminary stage

First wash and peel. Next, cut the fruit in half and remember to remove the seeds! After cutting, you put the finished product on a plate or bowl.

After the preliminary processing is complete, you put in turn the mixture of ingredients in the blender: sapoche, removed seeds, 100 ml of fresh milk without sugar, 1 tablespoon of condensed milk and a little crushed ice. You can increase or decrease the amount of condensed milk to suit your family's taste!

Then, turn on the blender with the medium mode and puree the above mixture until smooth for about 5 minutes, then turn off the machine. So there was immediately a delicious cool sapo smoothie to quench your thirst.

Coffee Sapoche Smoothie

Pocket immediately the recipe of how to make delicious coffee sapoche smoothie
Pocket immediately the recipe of how to make delicious coffee sapoche smoothie

The way to make coffee Sapoche smoothie is equally simple. But for this dish in the preparation of ingredients, you need the following ingredients:

Sapo 100 gram
Coffee juice 5 ml
Condensed milk 30 ml
Vegetable fat cream (or whipping cream) 20 ml
Sugar water 15 ml
Frappe powder (it's okay if you don't have it) 6 gr
Salt 2 gr
Water 20 ml
Ice More or less arbitrary

Why use frappe powder in sapoche smoothies?

Frappe powder, also known as milled flour, smoothie powder is an indispensable ingredient in smoothies, iced cookies, smoothies. This powder will have the effect of creating a smooth consistency for the beverage, preventing the mixture from being separated and stratified.

Currently, you can buy smoothie powder at reputable ingredient stores or order it on e-commerce sites to make your drink more delicious and attractive!

Detailed instructions on how to make a pre-processed coffee sapoche smoothie and make it 

The preliminary processing of sapodilla is similar to the traditional sapoche smoothie. The way to do this is as follows:

First, you put 100 gr of sapoche in a blender, add 5ml of black coffee and 30ml of filtered water.

After the mixture is smooth, you add 30ml of condensed milk and 20ml of fat cream, 15ml of sugar water, 6gr of frappe powder (it's okay if you don't have it!). Add 2g of salt to balance the sweetness and a little ice. So there was immediately a very strange but delicious coffee sapoche smoothie.

Shaboche coffee smoothie is rich, delicious, greasy, dense and very cool. Coffee is an ingredient that helps to add aroma to sapodilla, creating a unique character for the drink. Don't forget to save this coffee sapoche smoothie recipe, friends!

Banana Sapoche Smoothie

Extremely nutritious banana Sapo smoothie to treat the family on the weekend
Extremely nutritious banana Sapo smoothie to treat the family on the weekend

To have a delicious sapodilla smoothie for 2 people, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

Sapoche (Sapodilla) 5 left
Banana 3 left
Fresh milk 500 ml
Flour milo 2 tablespoons
Street 3 tablespoons

How to choose a delicious banana?

  • You choose natural ripe bananas (Siamese bananas, old bananas, ..) for delicious smoothies. Choose bananas with green and yellow fruits.
  • Cooked bananas will ripen evenly, so this is considered a very important factor in choosing a safe banana for your family.
  • Choose bananas with small black spots (folk are called salted eggs); Ripe bananas have a characteristic mild aroma.
  • Avoid choosing bananas that are crushed, soft or have black spots.

Instructions for preparing and making banana sapo smoothie

Banana you peel and cut into circles about 1-2 fingers. Sapoche washed, peeled, seeded and cut into small pieces. For bananas and sapodilla into the blender. Don't forget to add 500ml of fresh milk, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of milo powder. This drink is very simple to make, but the taste is irresistible. Try it now and see for yourself!

The secret to having a delicious sapoche smoothie

What if you have the right recipe but the ingredients are not fresh? Indeed to have attractive and nutritious sapoche smoothies; You should know how to choose as well as buy at the supply locations fruit Genuine, clear origin to ensure the health of your whole family.

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