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Is a food connoisseur and loves the taste of fresh fruits; Surely we all have enjoyed the sweet taste of sapodilla fruit. So have you ever felt the full flavor of sapodilla fruit? And how to be able to taste all of them. Let's try how to soak wine with sapodilla fruit to see how! You will surely be surprised at the taste that this attractive drink brings. Let's discover how to do it with ROOTS through the following article! 

How to soak sapodilla to make wine
With just 3 simple steps, you have a bottle of quality sapodilla wine right away.

Ingredients to prepare to soak sapodilla wine 

Material preparation is considered an important step; because it decides to 80% the success of your sapodilla pickle. This is the first step you should take care to choose the freshest ingredients. 

  • 1kg persimmon has been dried. (Note: it is recommended to choose dried persimmons to soak in wine because persimmons dry, alcohol fermentation will take place faster). 
  • 3-4 liters of white wine or sticky rice with a concentration of 40 or more. 
  • Glass jars for soaking.

How to choose delicious pickled sapodilla

To make an attractive and distinctive sapodilla wine; you should know how to choose quality persimmons; because now there are a lot of unhygienic imported dried persimmons from China that are rampant on the Vietnamese market. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you need to note some tips for choosing dried persimmons below:

When buying dried persimmons outside, you should ask the seller to add a fruit and see if there are seeds inside the persimmon; because at present, imported Chinese dried persimmons usually have no seeds. Meanwhile, Da Lat persimmon will have seeds inside; and is much smaller in size than Chinese persimmons. Another special feature you need to know to distinguish these two types of persimmon is that when dried, Da Lat persimmon will have a darker color and a much sweeter taste. In contrast, Chinese persimmons will often have more eye-catching and beautiful designs, and sweeter taste. 

To be safer, to limit the situation of encountering fake and poor quality goods being sold everywhere on the market, you can buy fresh persimmons and dry them yourself at home. 

Prepare ingredients for sapodilla wine
Should choose fruit that is just ripe and should not buy fake products because alcohol can be ineffective.

How to soak sapodilla wine 

There will be 2 different processes of soaking sapodilla wine depending on the needs and preparation time of each person. Both methods will have the same formula. However, each method will have its own characteristics that you should keep in mind.

How to soak sapodilla fruit when buying dried persimmons

  • Step 1: Put the dried persimmons into the prepared glass jar. 
  • Step 2: Pour white wine or glutinous rice wine into the bottle according to the ratio of 1kg persimmon: 5 liters of wine. For this ratio, you should measure it accurately because most of the outside dried persimmons have been pre-soaked with a small amount of sugar. Therefore, in order for the wine to reach the standard flavor, we should give more alcohol than usual). 
  • Step 3: Close the lid and soak for about 3 months to be able to use. 

How to soak sapodilla fruit by drying it yourself

  • Step 1: Choose ripe persimmons. Do not choose overripe fruit because the freshness and sweetness of the fruit will not be delicious. 
  • Step 2: Wash, peel and cut into slices with a thickness of 1 - 1.5cm. 
  • Step 3: Prepare a large tray and arrange the dried persimmons in each position so that the persimmon slices are not stacked on top of each other. Continuous exposure to 4 sun for the persimmon to dry is ready to use. You should prepare a small cloth or a net with small holes to avoid flies, mosquitoes or other insects flying up, affecting the hygiene of the persimmon. 
  • Step 4: After drying, we should copy it over the fire for about 10 minutes. Note: turn on low flame and stir often to prevent persimmon from scorching. Then bring the persimmon to cool. 
  • Step 5: Proceed to put the persimmons in the jar and pour the wine at the ratio of 1kg persimmon: 4 liters of wine, then soak the sapodilla wine for 3 months, it can be used. 

Storage conditions and how to use rose wine

Each food will have a different way of enjoying and so does sapodilla wine. To fully enjoy the taste of sapodilla wine, you should pay attention to how to store it properly and refer to how to use the wine for "quality". 

Storage conditions for rose wine

  • Avoid exposing wine to direct sunlight. 
  • Place the bottle in a cool, dry place. 
  • Store at a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius.

How to use sapodilla wine effectively

For sapodilla wine to promote its full use, you should use wine twice a day, 1 small cup each time and use it continuously for 2 months. One point to note is that you should only use about 100ml of alcohol and should not drink too much because sometimes, alcohol will have the opposite effect on our body. 

Very good for health
Sapodilla wine possesses a lot of essential vitamins, so it is very good for health.

Health benefits of rose wine

In addition to creating an aftertaste for meals, fully enjoying the delicious taste of persimmons, sapodilla wine also brings benefits. function Unexpected for health that not everyone knows

  • Treat high blood pressure. 
  • Treatment of physical weakness. 
  • Treatment of malnutrition. 
  • Treatment of cough, phlegm, persistent for a long time does not go away. 
  • Supports and promotes digestion. 

With just 3 very simple steps, you can have your own wine day sapodilla Very tasty and nutritious. Not only helps to enhance the taste of users, alcohol also helps us improve our health significantly. 


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